Comparative analysis of advantages and disadvantages of electric floor heating

February 25, 2019

At present, electric floor heating has gradually attracted consumers' attention. Electric floor heating is divided into several categories due to its different characteristics: heating cable, electric heating film heating, carbon fiber floor heating, carbon crystal floor heating. Electric floor heating experts conducted detailed comparative analysis on their advantages and disadvantages.

Heating cable:

The heating cable is a high-resistance linear heating.

Advantages: There is no connector in series for each line in each room.

Disadvantages: resistance wire heating, use of electricity, linear heating, small heating area, coil line state, can not avoid bed and other legless furniture when paving, easy to cause local temperature superposition.

Electrothermal film:

The surface is made of PET plastic wrapped conductive Ink, which was originally used for ceiling wall heating and used as floor heating in Korea. The reason is that the voltage in South Korea is relatively stable, the floor material is relatively thin, and the warm floor of the Korean floor is replaced every 10 years.

Advantages: The electric heating film is used for temporary heating, or short-term heating is good, and the cost is low, and it is suitable for use in sales departments, vegetable greenhouses, and the like.

Disadvantages: The electric heating film is light and thin, and can't be made under the ceramic tile (the cement mortar needs to be laid before the tile is laid, which is easy to damage the electric heating film); if the voltage is unstable, the voltage breakdown phenomenon is easily caused. The electric heating film is in the form of a roll, which can not avoid legless furniture when laying, and is easy to cause local temperature superposition; the design life is 15-20 years, and the annual heat generation is 10% attenuation.

Carbon fiber floor heating:

The fiber is warmed by the fiber and the short fiber is warm, which belongs to non-metal heating.

Advantages: relatively safe, long fiber heating is placed under the floor with wires.

Disadvantages: The temperature difference of the floor temperature is relatively large, and the plastic wire is high temperature and easy to age.

Carbon crystal floor heating

Advantages: Non-resistive surface heating, safer, the surface is covered with epoxy resin, not afraid of water and leakage, far infrared radiation, more comfortable and healthier. The parallel connection between the heating plate and the heating plate makes maintenance more convenient.

Disadvantages: The cost of construction is slightly higher than other electric floor heating, and the joints need to be treated strictly.

Chengdu Business Daily reporter Guo Jingjing

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