Bathroom decoration five Raiders slightly different

February 27, 2019

Raiders 1 color coordination to coordinate

The white swell can make the visual effect of the small bathroom get a good debugging. The small bathroom should choose a clean, cool hues and match it with the same color to make the entire space clear and tidy. Low-saturation, high-brightness colors are a good choice. However, you should not use too much color, otherwise it will look too messy. At the same time, the color of the bathroom cabinet should be coordinated with the decoration and decoration of the entire bathroom space, with natural and reasonable, you can also choose to move the bathroom cabinet.

Raiders 2 space layout should be reasonable

In the small bathroom, try to meet the basic use of functions and a reasonable space layout, do not rigidly divide the space. The smaller the room, the smaller the space for use. Since space is limited, extra functions are omitted and basic functions are indispensable. Saving and making full use of the limited space is a guiding principle for small bathroom design. The layout of the bathroom facilities should be compact. If possible, use smaller-sized toilets, washbasins, bathtubs and small-sized faucets. However, it should be noted whether there is a sufficient distance between the functional devices so as not to increase the sense of sensation.

Raiders 3 bathroom with stress

The choice of bathroom furniture can greatly affect the efficiency of the use of bathroom space as a whole. Well-designed and well-placed furniture can not only accommodate the most bath products, but also save space as much as possible, and hide the messy pipes, which are both practical and good visual effects. In the specific choice of bathroom furniture, we must consider the furniture that can make full use of the corner space and those that can be used in a variety of ways and have ample storage space. The in-wall taps and overhead showers that are now popular on the market are also good choices.

Raiders 4 decoration materials is the basis

In a narrow space, mirrors and glass are often the first choice for designers due to the visual effects of stretching in space. Special attention should be paid to the waterproof and moisture proofing of bathroom decoration materials. Ground should pay attention to waterproof, non-slip. The floor decoration material of the bathroom is preferably a non-slip floor tile with a raised pattern. This type of floor tile not only has good waterproof performance, but it is not too slippery even in the case of water. The top should pay attention to prevent water vapor, so it is better to use PVC buckle board with better waterproof performance. In the circuit arrangement, be extremely careful when installing lights and wires. Lamps and switches are best used with safety features. Connectors and plugs must not be exposed.

Raiders 5 bathroom finishing touch

Some bathrooms are often not well lit due to the interior of the room. In order to make up for this shortcoming, toilets are generally available with waterproof solar wall lights or explosion-proof incandescent chandeliers. Enhance the ability of bathroom lighting to compensate for the lack of natural lighting. The simple decoration of the popular small-size mosaic mosaic gives people a bright feeling and enhances the stylishness of the bathroom. Choosing some shade-tolerant, hi-potted green pots in the bathroom to keep the bathroom in the bathroom a bit more angry and less cool.

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