China hardware tool production base industry upgrade

March 16, 2019

China hardware tool production base industry upgrade In December 2011, Lin'an Tools Hardware Industry represented by Sun Town added new glory and was officially named “China Tool Hardware Production Base (Lin'an)” by China Hardware Products Association. The granting of the production base is not only a recognition of the development of the Lin'an Tool Hardware Industry Cluster, but also includes the expectations of the China Hardware Products Association for the future development of the Lin'an tool industry.

Shi Xiaolan, Executive Vice President of the China Hardware Products Association and Chairman of the Tool Hardware Branch, stated: “The rapid development and rapid rise of the Lin’an hardware and tools industry can be seen as a microcosm of the development of China’s tool industry in recent years. At present, the Lin’an tool industry manufacturers We attach great importance to product quality improvement, equipment investment and personnel training, hoping that Linan's tool industry will continue to develop from the connotation, and strive to form an industry leader with leading influence in the industry as soon as possible, hoping that the Lin'an municipal government will continue to vigorously support the development of the hardware tool industry. The China Hardware Products Association has jointly built and promoted the advancement of the Linan tool industry."

The scale of expanding the cluster characteristics year by year highlighted the hardware and tools industry of Lin'an City started in the 1970s. In the late 1980s, a number of private enterprises developed rapidly, and the production concentration, market share, and brand influence were expanded year by year. At present, Linan has become a globally renowned production base for pliers, water pump pliers and wrenches, with an annual production capacity of 180 million pieces. It has 63 tool production companies and realizes a sales value of more than 3 billion yuan, of which 5 are annual sales of over 100 million yuan and 12 are over 50 million yuan. Products are mainly exported to Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Taiwan and other countries and regions. Formed Linan Tools Manufacturing Group Army led by Hangzhou Lin'an Tacking Co., Lin'an Sun Hardware Tools Factory, Hangzhou Tieqiao Tools Co., Ltd., and Lin'an Great Wall Tool Co., Ltd.

Linan tool companies are mainly concentrated in the three towns of Sun, Yuqian, and Tianmushan, among which Sun Town accounts for more than 80%. The Lin'an City Government began work in the town of Taiyang in 2001 to build a functional area for hardware tools. It is planned to develop more than 400 mu of industrial functional areas covering an area of ​​1,550 mu, and more than 30 companies have already settled in. The development and construction of industrial function areas has transformed industrial clusters from looser to more concentrated industrial areas.

Over the past few years, the Lin'an municipal government has invested more than 20 million yuan in supporting infrastructure facilities such as water, electricity, roads, lights and greening in the region. In 2008, the company invested more than 10 million yuan to build a sewage treatment plant with a daily processing capacity of 2,000 cubic meters. After pretreatment of the sewage of industrial enterprises including hardware and tools companies in the jurisdiction, all of them were included in the sewage treatment pipeline network for the continued development of the tool companies. Provide strong support. In order to further promote the transformation and upgrading of the hardware tool industry, the Lin'an City People's Government has also planned the second phase of the hardware tool industrial functional area on the south side of the original hardware tool industrial functional area of ​​Sun Town, with a planned area of ​​more than 800 acres. The new hardware industrial functional area will be completed by 2015, and hardware and equipment electroplating centralized processing areas and technical inspection centers are all under planning.

Cluster development has become an important feature of advanced China's hardware manufacturing industry. Industrial agglomeration development can not only form scale advantages, regional advantages, cost advantages, industrial chain advantages, but also can stimulate one side of economic development, solve a series of social issues such as local employment.

At present, all companies in Lin'an Tool Hardware Industry have realized specialized production, and the internal division of labor has been further refined. From the development of molds to assembly, the production of screws, nuts and other components, the processing of surface treatments, the design and manufacture of packaging products, and the upstream and downstream industrial chain of the tool hardware industry have been developed quite well. In particular, since the establishment of the Lin'an Hardware Tools Association in 2008, the hardware and tools manufacturers have become more closely related to each other and the professional division of labor has become more careful, gradually forming a low-cost competitive advantage.

In addition, the development of industrial clusters also makes important contributions to the diversification of the company's sales channels. Currently Linan has more than 10 companies have obtained the right to self-export, most of the e-commerce tools companies have been fully applied, widely praised in the European and American markets.

Policies actively guide the industry to rapidly upgrade the development of industrial clusters without the strong support of the government. It is understood that in order to promote the transformation and upgrading of the blocky economy and promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the Linan industrial economy, Lin’an City Government has specially formulated a “three-year action plan” for the blocky economic industry to encourage enterprises to independently invest in the research and development of new products. The promotion of domestic and foreign markets and the work of brand building will increase the company's high-tech content, brand awareness, and gain more market share.

In order to improve the core competitiveness of Lin'an Tool Hardware Industry, Lin'an City Government actively supports leading enterprises to increase capital and expand production, and promotes industrial upgrading. The use of assets reorganization and equity transfer to revitalize the land and support the two leading local enterprises to increase production and expand production. To guide and help enterprises focus on energy conservation and emission reduction, maintain the potential for industrial development, support enterprises to comprehensively enhance their comprehensive competitiveness through technological innovation, and strive to provide low-cost trade services and eco-friendly “Linan environment” for merchants.

The active guidance of the government has pointed out the direction for the development of the Linan tool hardware industry. In 2011, Linan Enterprise Dragon Company, Jinlun Company, Winbond, and Yongsheng Tools Factory have implemented clean production projects. Iron Bridge Company implemented the second round of clean production projects, including Yongsheng Tools and Zhejiang West Hardware Co., Ltd. in 2011. In the first half of the year, it was successfully accepted, and Linan Tacking Company passed the second round of clean audit in 2009. Through the advancement of cleaner production in recent years, all tool companies have enabled the use of advanced equipment such as intermediate frequency furnaces to eliminate old equipment such as coal stoves and gas furnaces, resulting in significant energy savings.

Cleaner production promoted the elimination of outdated production capacity. By the end of 2010, the original piston compressors and some old presses of Lin’an tool companies had all been eliminated. In the past three years, the consumption of raw materials, such as energy consumption and steel, dropped by more than 10%. In addition, the labor environment of the employees has been significantly improved and pollutant emissions have been significantly reduced. There are more than 20 electroplating production lines in the Linan tool hardware production company. The government is planning to build hardware tools electroplating center in Sun Township, adopting low-power and low-pollution automatic electroplating technology, thus completely changing the situation of small and scattered electroplating and high pollution treatment costs.

At present, the tool industry in Lin'an places great emphasis on technical reform investment. Leading companies such as Tongji Company, Sun Tools Company, Tieqiao Company, and Great Wall Company invest a lot of money each year to introduce advanced equipment at home and abroad and improve their processes. According to incomplete statistics, during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, Lin’an’s hardware and tools companies completed more than 40 new technological transformation projects, and the total investment in new fixed assets reached more than 800 million yuan. In 2011, Tonghua Company, Winbond Tools, and Pengda Tools Co., Ltd. successively implemented energy-saving technological transformation of hardware equipment production line automation equipment; Tieqiao Tools completed an annual energy saving project of 6 million adjustable wrenches production lines. These projects have been completed. The application was declared as a municipal-level and Lin'an city-level circular economy project. Through the implementation of these projects, Lin’an’s tool hardware industry chain has been further extended, with further enrichment of varieties, further expansion of scale, further consolidation of the industrial base, and further development of cultivation results.

Continuing many years of investment in the transformation of equipment and processes has directly led to the improvement of Linan's tool quality and brand, and has changed the pattern of long-term low-price competition. The TG (Tiangu) and sunwark series products of Lin'an Tacking Pliers Company were rated as Hangzhou Famous Brand Products and Hangzhou Famous Brands in 2007 and 2009 respectively, and established a foreign trade company in Hangzhou in 2009. The self-operated export volume has been increasing year by year. At the same time as enterprises increased their profits, the influence and corporate reputation of Linan Tacking Co., Ltd. have been significantly improved. Sun Tools has seized the opportunity to successfully acquire the well-known brand of the domestic tool industry, the Labor Card, in 2010. This also further promotes the development of Linan City's tool hardware industry.

After the Lin'an Hardware Tools Association was established, centering on the tenet of “Serve the Enterprise, Regulate the Industry, and Develop the Industry”, we will give full play to the role of the bridge between the enterprise and the government, strengthen collaboration and communication between industry and enterprises, and strengthen self-discipline in the industry. Positive effect. In the construction of public service system, key common technology development of industrial chain, coordination and solution of construction land issues, construction of product testing platform, regional brand construction, resource protection and recycling, etc., a constructive work has been carried out, which has been strongly supported by government departments. Support and careful guidance. In 2010, the Industry Association formulated the "Five-year Development Plan" and put forward a clear development goal: focus on enhancing the ability of independent innovation and industrial competitiveness, and promote product quality, technology, management and overall quality with brand building. Promote the development of industrial agglomeration; Actively use new technologies and new processes to transform and upgrade traditional industries; Promote energy-saving technologies and cleaner production; Integrate and optimize the resources of the tool companies in the city to form an industrial pattern of co-existence and joint development of enterprise clusters, and promote the further expansion of industrial clusters and realize enterprises The ever-increasing economic benefits and marked increase in competitiveness have promoted a significant increase in the city’s hardware tools industry's status in the province and nation.

In recent years, the hardware and tools industry of Lin'an City has maintained a good momentum of development. It has grown from a group of production enterprises with excellent production technology and excellent product quality. In order to further build Lin'an Tools regional brand and develop domestic and foreign markets, under the active organization and assistance of the local party committee and the Lin’an Economic and Trade Bureau and the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, Lin’an’s hardware tool companies adopted the strategy of Baotuan development and consciously organized delegations to participate in domestic and international The high-quality tool products exhibitions, such as the Canton Fair, the Cologne Hardware Show in Germany, and the Shanghai International Hardware Fair, have enhanced their influence. While making concerted efforts to create regional brands, companies in the industry have also actively carried out R&D innovations and achieved encouraging results. A group of companies represented by Hangzhou Lin'an Tacking Co., Hangzhou Lin'an Sun Tools Co., Ltd. and Hangzhou Tieqiao Tools Co., Ltd. have gradually established a high brand awareness in the market competition and played a very good role in the industry. The company's own business also provides technical support services for local companies.

Within the association, strong cooperation between enterprises and production and marketing cooperation between upstream and downstream have also become an important aspect of the rapid expansion of the tool industry in Lin'an. On November 5, 2011, the investment amounted to 50 million yuan. Lin'an Jiejie Tools Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Hengqiao Tools Co., Ltd.'s Linan Tieqiao Tools Co., Ltd. has an annual output of 6 million. Technology and equipment are used in the new company and the new sales value will reach 100 million. Lin'an City will use this as an opportunity to encourage more companies to join hands in cooperation with production and marketing, making it a new bright spot for Lin'an's tool hardware industry.

When talking about the award of the title of Lin'an Industrial Base, Chairman of China National Hardware Association Zhang Dongli stated: "For four decades, Lin'an hardware and tools industry formed a scale of industrial clusters and formed a pair of pliers and pumps under the joint efforts of local governments and production companies. Pliers and wrenches are leading manufacturers of hand tools and manufacturing bases, and there are a number of leading companies in the industry that are well-known and influential.Hoping that the Linan hardware and tools industry will use this industry cluster naming as an opportunity, on an existing basis. We will pay more attention to product quality, strengthen R&D and design capabilities, strengthen technological innovation, increase brand awareness, build a modern production base, and create a gold medal in the hardware tools industry of Lin'an.”

Concentrating industry forces to enhance regional competitiveness August 28, 2008 was an important moment that was included in the development history of hardware tools industry in Lin'an City. It witnessed the birth of Lin'an Hardware Tools Industry Association. Since then, Lin'an hardware and tools industry has its own "home", so that the formation of the block of industrial clusters formally received the industry regulation. The overall advantage of the block economy has been brought into play, which has broken the development model of individual soldier operations in the tool industry. Linan has established a clear development direction for the hardware tool industry.

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