How to prevent the deformation of anti-static floor

March 21, 2019

As far as possible to avoid the ESD phenomenon occurred in the maintenance or testing process of ESDS devices due to the non-standard maintenance or testing equipment, damage ESDS devices; for the petrochemical industry, flammable and explosive places, it is necessary to do everything we can to avoid static electricity Fight the fire so as not to ignite flammable gases that have been evaporating into the air, causing casualty accidents and property losses. This simplifies installation and provides greater flexibility for future changes and expansion of device configurations.

The equipment in the equipment room can be freely connected through the anti-static floor to facilitate laying and maintenance, making the room clean and beautiful. It protects various cables, wires, data cables and sockets from damage. The machine room can use the under-floor space as a static pressure air storage for air conditioning to obtain a satisfactory airflow organization. No matter where the computer equipment is installed, the air-conditioned air can be obtained through the air outlet of the anti-static raised floor.

Place a raised floor on the assembled truss beam with a suction board; if the remaining size near the wall is smaller than the length of the raised floor, use the method of cutting the floor; when laying the floor, use a bubble leveler to level it out. The height of the raised floor is regulated by the adjustable support. The laying process should be carried out gently to prevent scratching the floor and damaging the edge strips. At the same time, the floor should be cleaned by sweeping to avoid leaving debris and dust under the floor; When installing a heavier device, install a support under the floor of the device base to prevent deformation of the floor.

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