Wind power bearing skills "key big inventory"

March 22, 2019

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Wind power bearing skills "key big inventory"

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(1) Information. Different parts of the bearings use different materials and heat treatment, such as the low temperature of 40CrMo steel for improving yaw and pitch bearings (ambient temperature -40~-30°C, bearing operating temperature is around -20°C) ) Thermal treatment methods for mechanical properties such as impact energy, surface hardness of hardened layer, surface hardness, soft band width and surface crack (especially tooth root) for induction hardening; gearbox bearings equivalent to foreign STF, HTF The research and development of steel and the control of the optimal content of retained austenite; the spindle bearing is made of electroslag remelted carburizing steel ZG20Cr2Ni4A when the quality of domestic vacuum degassing steel still has a certain distance.
(2) Improved depiction of cages for transmission bearings. The cage should have higher strength and wear resistance.
(3) Depiction and analysis. At present, it is still mainly based on analogy, and the analysis of force analysis and load spectrum is almost blank. The difficult skill is that the demand for the alignment of the spindle bearing is not more than 13×104h, and has More than 95% reliability; high damage rate of gearbox bearings (according to statistics, about 80% of gearbox problems are caused by bearing failure), high load capacity depiction.
(4) Special clearance requirements for yaw and pitch bearings. Because yaw and pitch bearings are subject to shock loads such as indefinite winds, yaw bearings require small clearance; pitch bearings and yaw bearings In comparison, because the shock load received is larger, the oscillation transmitted by the blade is also large, so the demand is zero clearance or may be slightly negative to reduce the fretting wear of the tumbling working surface.
(5) Test experiment. The test experiment includes conflict torque measurement, simulation test machine and experimental procedure.
(6) Grinding of yaw and pitch bearing raceways. Due to the trend of large-scale wind power equipment, bearings are required to have higher dynamic and work flexibility. Therefore, the yaw and pitch bearings have been processed from the raceway. The conventional fine car was changed to grinding, and the matching steel ball was also changed from G48 to G20.
(7) Anti-corrosion and sealing. Some of the yaw and pitch bearings are exposed, and they will be damaged by environmental pollution and corrosion. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out the external anti-corrosion treatment for the entire service life. It is also important to avoid the inside of the bearing. Sealing skills for grease leakage and external impurity intrusion.
(8) High-precision machining of spindle bearings and transmission bearings. The most important thing is the spherical roller bearings selected. Because of its layout characteristics, it is difficult to achieve high precision in production. The general maximum machining accuracy is only P5. The existing drawing accuracy is the highest and the demand has reached P4.
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