The correct choice of stone protectant

March 26, 2019

The correct selection of stone protective agent is one of the key factors to ensure the quality of stone maintenance engineering. Each stone protectant is not omnipotent, and its performance is mainly manifested in universal applicability, that is, effective for most stone materials. On the other hand, each product also has its particularity, that is, it is particularly good or unsatisfactory or ineffective for some (some) stone. Based on this, when choosing the stone repellent, we must make the correct choice for different stone types, different environments, different installation processes and different protection requirements. If it is not properly selected, it will not achieve the expected effect after the protection construction, but will make the problem more serious and complicated.

1. According to Party A's protection requirements:

If the purpose of the protection is to prevent pan-alkali, rust, etc., the use of silicone type stone protectant can generally achieve the effect. Such as "green angel" HB-G118, G168, G710, G711, G713, etc.; if the purpose of protection is integrated waterproof and anti-fouling ability, generally use organic fluorine type stone protective agent to achieve the effect. Such as "Green Angel" HB-G778, G788 anti-fouling stone protectant.

2. Choose according to the environment in which the stone is installed:

If it is used for the protection of outdoor stone, it is recommended to choose “Green Angel” HB-G700G710, G711, G713, G788 and other oil-based stone protective agents for treatment. Because the anti-aging ability of oil-based protective agent is stronger than water-based, the service life is longer. If it is indoor stone protection, in addition to selecting oil-based protective agent, it can also choose HB-G118, G168, G778 and other water-based stone protective agents for surface. deal with. Since the indoor environment is less affected, the impact on the life of the product is relatively small, and the inexpensive water-based protective agent is naturally favored by many customers.

3. According to the installation process of stone:

For wet stone and grouted stone, it is recommended to use HB-G713 for the second side of the front and side protection (through the national authority). If you are not at ease, you can use the HB-G633 for the bottom protection. The selection of the bottom protective agent should pay attention to the alkali resistance of the protective agent, and it can not affect the bonding fastness between the stone and the cement. Marble wet stickers can be selected for HB-G118, G168, G700, G710, G711, G713 surface water treatment first, please select HB-G700, G168 for surface treatment of sandstone surface, then use HB-G633, G733 for waterproof and alkali prevention on the bottom surface. deal with. The dry stone is used, and the standard of stone protectant is mainly used for waterproofing. HB-G118, G168, G710, G711, G713 and other products can be used.

4. If it is a dense structure stone, such as Spanish beige, slate, etc. It is recommended to use oily stone protectant. Such as "green angel" HB-S301, G710, G711, G713 and so on. Because the solvent component of the solvent is strong, it can be further protected inside the stone. However, it should be noted that for the dense black stone structure, the general protective agent will deepen the color of the stone, and should be handled with care; for the general stone structure, oily and water-based stone protective agent can be used. Such as "green angel" HB-G118, G168, G700, G710, G711, G713 and so on.

5. If it is a restaurant, stove, driveway or other places that are easily polluted, it is recommended to use organic fluorine type stone protectant to improve the anti-staining ability of the stone surface. Such as "Green Angel" HB-G778, G788 anti-fouling stone protectant.

6. If it is a stone in a square, an aisle or a public place, it is recommended to use HB-G713 oily penetrating king to do 2~3 times of protection on the surface and side. Because G713 has super penetrating ability, and its acid resistance, alkali resistance and anti-aging ability are more than double the national standard, the quality is quite excellent. If it is the stone of the subway station and the ground floor, in addition to the surface and side treatment with HB-G713, it should be treated with the bottom of the bottom of the HB-G733 stone.

7. Nowadays, many customers like to make film-type curing treatment on the surface of rough surface stone. This kind of project recommends using film-forming stone protective agent (such as “Green Angel” HB-S502, S513, etc.) using silicone as raw material. This product has good hardness, high bonding strength, and is resistant to UV rays. It is not easy to use acrylic sealant as the bottom sealant. This product is mainly designed for the bottom seal. It often has peeling and discoloration on the stone surface. .

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