Shed cherry pest control trick

March 26, 2019

Cherry pests and diseases have seriously affected the yield and quality of cherries. According to the pesticide network , the main diseases of shed cherry are:
1. Cherry brown spot disease: also known as leaf perforation. It is the most important leaf disease of sweet cherry.
(1) Symptoms: In the early stage of the disease, small purple spots with large needles are formed, which are enlarged later, and some are joined to each Other in a round brown spot, and the upper black small spots, that is, the conidia pieces and the capsule shell. Finally, the lesions shrink and shed into holes. In severe cases, it can cause early leaves and weaken the tree, leading to a reduction in production.
(2) Control methods: remove leaves and eliminate wintering pathogens. Strengthen comprehensive management, improve site conditions, enhance tree potential, and improve tree disease resistance. Spray 1-2 times 70% mancozeb 600 times solution or 75% fungicide chlorothalonil 500-800 times solution after Xiehua and before fruit picking. After picking the fruit, spray 2-3 times of 200-240 times the same amount of Bordeaux mixture.
2. Cherry leaf spot.
(1) Symptoms: The disease mainly harms the cherry leaves. The damaged leaves form brown or purple near-circular ring-shaped lesions between the veins, and pink mold is produced on the back of the leaves. The diseased spots can cause most of the leaves to die and cause leaves. Sometimes the petiole and fruit can also be affected, producing brown spots.
(2) Control method: Refer to cherry brown spot disease.
3. Glue disease: one of the most common diseases on cherry trees.
(1) Symptoms: Since the germination, the gum is spilled at the branch wound and the dead tissue of the branch. After the glue is applied, the diseased part is slightly swollen, the cortex and xylem become brown and rot, and other bacteria are rotted, causing the tree to decline day by day, and when it is severe, the branches are dead.
(2) Control methods: increase the application of organic fertilizer to prevent drought, phlegm and freezing damage; strengthen the tree potential and improve the resistance of the tree; white coat the trunk to prevent sunburn; strengthen the prevention and control of pests and diseases, especially the control of dried pests, when pruning Reduce the wound and avoid mechanical damage; the diseased branches should be promptly and completely cured, and the wound is applied with a protective agent by 10 parts of quicklime, 1 part of stone sulphur mixture, 2 parts of salt, and 0.3 parts of vegetable oil.
Second, the main pests are: the main pests that harm cherry are peach red neck beetle, mulberry white and so on. The control method is based on the pest control of peach.
In the prevention and control of cherry pests and diseases in protected areas, it is necessary to do well in the prevention and treatment of open fields and protected areas. China Pesticide Network recommends: Before the shed is covered with plastic film to bud, it should be sprayed once a 3-5 degree stone sulphur mixture to prevent a variety of diseases. After the fruit is removed and the film is removed, 500-600 times of 70% mancozeb or 700 times of 50% carbendazim is sprayed once.

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