Door lock purchase needs to be determined according to the type of door and window

March 27, 2019

Although the door lock is small, it is an important means of protecting family safety. The function of each door is different, people have different requirements for the lock of this door, so the lock is no longer a padlock and a strike lock. The following small series will take you through some common knowledge about door locks.

As far as the door lock is concerned, according to the purpose, the lock can be divided into: a portal lock (also called an anti-theft lock), a bedroom lock, a passage lock and a bathroom lock. From the shape of the lock, the lock can be divided into: ball lock, handle lock, mortise lock and lock. The ball lock and the handle lock lock, the handle and the ball touch three functions and three in one, but the lock is adapted to the door of the door and the security door less than 80cm, and the door handle is additionally installed. It costs a whole thing, so it’s called a lock!

There are four main types of door locks for ordinary residents:

The first type is the door lock, which is the door of a family. It is a watershed outside the home. It must have a special function, which is the insurance safety function. Therefore, the door lock is also called the insurance lock or the anti-theft lock. It should be noted that the distance between the security door and the door should not be less than 80cm, otherwise your security door will be locked on the door and the security door will not be closed.

The second type is the channel lock, which only functions as the handle and the bead of the door. The lock has no insurance function and is suitable for the door lock of the kitchen, the hall, the living room, the dining room and the children.

The third type of lock is a bathroom lock, which is characterized by being able to be locked inside and opened with a key outside the door, suitable for use in a bathroom or bathroom.

The fourth type of lock is a bedroom lock that is secured inside and must be opened with a key for the bedroom and balcony doors.  

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