Use the identification to identify the teapot

March 28, 2019

The knowledge of Zisha art works is an important means to identify the authenticity of Zisha works. Both ancient and modern teapots are targets set by counterfeiters. The development history of the teapot is short, and there are few precious old pots from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, but there are many collectors. The modern jug from the Republic of China to the Zisha No. 1 factory was also the target of many people's collections because of its relatively realistic materials. The talents of many modern masters of modern talents are hard to find, and the price of the strength of pottery works is also very high. This gives some people an opportunity.

Many experts will use some methods to identify teapots. They will consider the masters of the famous teapots in each age. Everyone has their own seals, and they will show a particularly high recuperation. They are not generally forged. Out.

When deciding to buy a teapot, it is necessary to look at the layout of its seal. The engraving process is very particular. More importantly, many Zisha pots like to use two or more seals on the pot, but none at all. It looks awkward, the whole purple sand pot is natural, and there is no alternative to the seal. These are the real masters of the teapot to be successful. Those who are good at imitating, can not master the soul of the teapot maker, and always find flaws in appearance.

The current price of the teapot is very high, that is, there are many people who seek profiteering in which they disturb the normal order. As a person who loves tea, I really hope that I can collect a set of value-for-money teapots, in the friend’s identification of the teapot. If you need to hone, the connotation of tea is not mastered in a day or two. The road to exploration of the teapot is long.

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