How to apply without increasing the humidity in the greenhouse

March 29, 2019

The humidity in the greenhouse is large. As the temperature in the spring increases, the rain increases, and the disease spreads rapidly, especially gray mold and downy mildew. It is often necessary to spray drugs for prevention and treatment. The commonly used sprayer sprays pesticides, which tends to increase the humidity in the greenhouse. While controlling the disease, it also aggravates the cause of the disease and affects the control effect. At present, there are also methods for applying drugs to treat diseases without increasing the humidity of the greenhouse:
1. The mist sprayer is used to spray the medicinal water, and the produced droplets of the medicine are fine, diffused, easy to be evenly distributed, and can be quickly dispersed and scattered to all parts of the plant and the shed, and the insecticidal effect is good. And save labor, save time, and save medicine.
2. The application of soil mixing and application of soil is to uniformly mix the pesticide and the soil into the rhizosphere, and the effect on the disease, especially the soil-borne diseases in the seedling stage is good.
3. According to the China Pesticide Network , the use of aerosols and dusts is used to smoke sheds. The pesticide coverage is wide, and the efficacy can reach all corners of the shed, especially suitable for rainy days or disease epidemics. The application time is better in the evening, the aerosol is placed in the closed shed overnight, and the greenhouse is ventilated the next morning. The dust can be applied using a duster or a mister, in the morning or evening, so that the powder is easily attached to the vegetables. When spraying dust, the nozzle is up and sprayed on the space above the vegetables to let the dust fall naturally.

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