Common quality defects in wallpaper

March 29, 2019

Common quality defect definitions for wallpaper:

Color difference: After the same batch of the same box of wallpaper construction, the color appears obvious difference, affecting the wallpaper decoration effect. There are two situations (construction according to requirements): the left and right color difference means that there are obvious differences on both sides of the plain color wallpaper; the front and back color difference means that the color of the same volume or the same box wallpaper has obvious difference.

Leakage: There is no PVC wallpaper layer on the surface of the wallpaper, which reveals the effect of the wallpaper on the bottom of the paper.

Missing: There is no print on the surface of the wallpaper, which reveals that the PVC layer affects the decorative effect of the wallpaper.

Leakage pressure: There is no embossing on the surface of the wall through the paper. The embossing depth - the edge and other parts of the embossing depth is different (both sides), the same box or the same roll of wallpaper embossed depth (front and back shallow), the construction contrast significantly affects the wallpaper decoration effect.

Stain line: 1.5M visually and densely affects the effect of use.

Imprinting is not allowed: the pattern with a clear outline on the edge, the offset of the printing overprint is greater than 2mm or visually obvious, and the wallpaper with abstract outlines of the pattern requires relative relaxation.

Trimming deviation: The width of the wallpaper is deviated from the width of the pattern period, making the pattern mosaic incomplete. Wallpaper join

No flowers: The wallpaper is cut and trimmed so that the front roll of wallpaper and the next roll of wallpaper pattern are incomplete. Affect the decorative effect of the wallpaper.

Blasting explosion bottom: The bottom of the wallpaper or the edge of the paper is severely bursting, and the crack of the wallpaper surface affects the decorative effect.

Pen marks: There are pen marks and marks on the surface of the wallpaper.

White edge: The edge of the wallpaper leaks out of the white edge or the bottom of the paper. The obvious contrast after construction affects the decorative effect.

Folding: The surface of the wallpaper has obvious creases that affect the decorative effect of the wallpaper.

Twilight: The color and pattern of the wallpaper are obviously weakened or lost, affecting the decorative effect of the wallpaper.

Delamination: The PVC layer on the surface of the wallpaper is separated from the liner.

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