Speech at the signing ceremony of Zhengzhou New Materials Industry Project

March 31, 2019

Abstract Xingyang Committee, the CMC director gathering area in Zhengzhou City, the new materials industry, Party committee secretary Wang Xinting Distinguished leaders, distinguished guests, comrades and friends: spring sunshine, Wai Fung Cheong. Today, we are here to witness the Zhengzhou New Material Industry Cluster Area...

Deputy Secretary of the Fuyang Municipal Committee, Director of the Administrative Committee of Zhengzhou New Material Industry Cluster Area, and Secretary of the Party Working Committee Wang Xinting
Dear leaders, distinguished guests, comrades, friends:

The spring is bright and the wind is smooth. Today, we are here to witness the Zhengzhou New Material Industry Cluster Area. After the 2012 investment promotion exceeded 10 billion, the first project contract was signed in 2013. This is the implementation of Zhengzhou City Committee and Municipal Government's decision-making and deployment, optimizing the industrial structure and accelerating. An important milestone in the development of the new materials industry. Here, entrusted by Secretary Ma and Mayor Yuan, I represent the Fuyang Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government, and also represent the Administrative Committee of Zhengzhou New Materials Industry Cluster Area. I would like to extend a warm welcome to all leaders and distinguished guests! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to people from all walks of life who have long cared for and supported the development of Xiangyang!

Xiangyang is adjacent to Zhengzhou, the provincial capital, with unique transportation locations and outstanding industrial advantages. Since May last year, Zhengzhou City has placed a new material industry with super-hard materials as the layout of Fuyang. Under the correct leadership of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, under the care and guidance of the relevant provincial and municipal commissions, Fuyang City strictly implements Zhengzhou City. Decision-making and deployment, planning and construction of new materials industry cluster area as the number one project, focusing on "to comprehensively reduce the comprehensive operating costs of enterprises, and strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in science and technology", focus on development goals, clarify the main direction, scientific planning, comprehensive agglomeration elements, agglomeration The development and construction of the district showed a good trend. Under the joint efforts of many industry leaders and experts, we have reached a comprehensive cooperation with the world's top 500 SINOMACH, and reached a cooperation consensus with 24 super-hard materials companies, successfully achieving the investment of over 10 billion in the year. The goal has aroused strong repercussions both inside and outside the industry. The establishment of the gathering area was named one of the top ten news of China's superhard materials industry in 2012. Since the beginning of this year, we have earnestly implemented the requirements of the Zhengzhou Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government for “Strengthening investment, building foundations, adjusting structure, and seeking improvement”. According to the needs of development and the actual work, we have formulated the goal of “three billions”, namely 2012. The 10 billion yuan contracted project has been fully implemented, the investment promotion has increased by 10 billion yuan, and the fixed assets investment has reached 10 billion yuan. The “three comprehensive” is the main focus, that is, the infrastructure in the region is fully started, the contracted projects are fully implemented, and the relocation is carried out. The resettlement was fully launched, and active exploration was carried out in rationalizing the system and mechanism, improving infrastructure, simplifying administrative examination and approval, accelerating project construction, and intensifying the promotion, and striving to set off a construction boom for the 100 billion-level industrial base. Up to now, 12 industrial projects such as SINOMACH Seiko Dove and 4 roads in the super-hard materials area of ​​100,000 square meters of standardized factory buildings and gathering areas have been started. The preliminary work of 16 industrial projects has been carried out in an orderly manner, and the village demolition work in the park has been steadily advanced. The new material industry cluster has a strong development momentum.

The 13 companies signed today, with a total investment of 2.6 billion yuan, are the staged results of the investment promotion of Zhengzhou New Materials Industry Cluster in 2013. They are also carefully selected on the basis of expert review, in line with industrial planning and entry threshold. Quality projects with strong investment willingness and good development prospects. We will continue to amplify the agglomeration effect of the agglomeration area, in accordance with the principle of “mutual benefit, complementary advantages, and common development”, with sincerity, honest quality, enthusiasm, thoughtful service, innovative and flexible mechanism, loose and preferential. The policy, together with the project unit, will work together to build the project well and strive for early completion and early results. Zhengzhou New Material Industry Cluster Area will welcome the guests from all over the world with the practical actions of the company's entrepreneurship, and will provide customers with a high-quality platform for the development of super-hard materials industry. We have reason to believe that in the near future, a new, infinitely dynamic and highly competitive new material industry cluster will emerge rapidly.

Finally, I sincerely wish all leaders and distinguished guests good health and good luck! I wish all of our entrepreneurs a prosperous career and create greater glories! I wish our signing ceremony a success! I wish our signing project to bear fruit soon!

thank you all!
April 24, 2013

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