Wallpaper maintenance tips

April 08, 2019

Generally, the wallpaper has a longer service life than the latex paint, because the plain surface of the latex paint is extremely dirty, and the scrubbing process is unlikely to have no effect on the wall surface. The wallpaper is not good, and the maintenance is good for 10-15 years. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance of the wallpaper is the key.

During construction, the temperature should be chosen to be less than 85%, and the temperature should not change drastically, and it should be avoided in the wet season and on the wet wall.

During construction, doors and windows should be opened during the day to keep ventilation. At night, doors and windows should be closed to prevent moisture from entering. Just put a wallpaper on the wall to prevent the wind from blowing, which will affect its bonding fastness and its surface engineering.

The adhesive liquid that overflows when the wallpaper is pasted should be cleaned with a clean towel at any time, especially the glue marks at the seams. The construction personnel keep the hands and tools clean and smudged. They should be cleaned with soapy water or detergent in a timely manner.

Foamed wall coverings are easy to accumulate, affecting the appearance and cleanliness, and cleaning every 3-6 months. Wipe clean with a vacuum cleaner or a brush, taking care not to allow water to seep into the seams. Usually pay attention to prevent hard objects from hitting and rubbing against the wall. After a certain period of time, the joints are cracked and repaired in time, and they cannot be allowed to develop.

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