Five points of attention for buying upholstered furniture

April 18, 2019

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Five points for buying soft furniture _ home improvement knowledge

1. The materials used for the frame, cushion and fabric of the soft furniture are very important, so pay special attention when purchasing. For example, the leather sofa is divided into full leather, half leather or thick leather. When purchasing, it must be clearly marked as a full leather, half leather or thick leather sofa, so as to avoid the salesperson posing as a leather sofa with a half leather sofa. The frame is mostly hardwood (eucalyptus, eucalyptus, ash, birch, etc.). It is best to use the blink joint structure when connecting; the sponge in the cushion should pay attention to the standard, choose the high density, the higher the better. And the resilience of the sponge is better; when selecting the fabric, the strength should be selected, the higher the strength, the less easy to pull the silk, the leather surface will not slack.

2, the mattress should choose the spring strength is good (spring strength depends on the steel number used by the steel wire, the higher the steel number, the better, currently used is steel manganese), at the same time pay attention to the filled materials and fabrics. The filled material is cotton felt (or chemical fiber felt) and brown piece. The cotton felt has good air permeability and the strength of the chemical fiber felt is good; the fabric should be selected to prevent mites.

3. Special attention should be paid to the firmness of the furniture structure. If there is a sway or a squeaking noise when purchasing a sofa, it means that it is not strong, and you can use your hand to move the diagonal part inward.

4. Pay attention to whether the internal structure of the sofa or bed (mat) has mildew or insects; at the same time, pay attention to whether the furniture cushion meets the requirements of the industry standard and the number of layers and health indicators.

5. When signing the contract, it is necessary to clearly indicate the materials (full skin, half skin), sample color number, etc., and also fully understand whether the sofa cover, bed cover, etc. can be washed or dry-cleaned, so as to avoid problems in the later period. Also pay attention to the gaps and missing nails in the joints of the fabric. In short, the details must be noted.

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