Valve procurement matters

June 18, 2019

Valve specifications and categories should meet the requirements of the piping design documents.

1. The model number of the valve should indicate the national standard number requirement. If it is an enterprise standard, the relevant description of the model number should be indicated.

2. The working pressure of the valve requires ≥ the working pressure of the pipeline. Under the premise of not affecting the price, the working pressure of the valve should be greater than the actual working pressure of the pipeline.

3, valve manufacturing standards, should be based on the national standard number, if it is an enterprise standard, the procurement contract should be accompanied by corporate documents.

Valve performance testing:

1. When a certain specification of the valve is mass-produced, the authoritative mechanism shall be entrusted to carry out the following performance tests: 1 the opening and closing torque of the valve under the working pressure condition; 2 the detection of the flow resistance coefficient of the valve under the pipeline water delivery condition.

2, the valve should be tested before leaving the factory: 1 valve in the open condition, the valve body should withstand the internal pressure of the valve pressure value twice; 2 valve in the closed condition, the two sides respectively with 11 times the valve pressure Value, no leakage; but the metal-sealed butterfly valve, the leakage value is not greater than the relevant requirements.

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