Applicable crowd with integrated sink

June 18, 2019

Due to the characteristics of the product, the integrated sink is the most suitable for families who are undergoing kitchen renovation. Because of the pre-installation of the circuit and waterway, the family preparing for the renovation needs to know the best trial products 2 weeks in advance. The merchants should fully communicate and do the renovation plan and then carry out the construction to avoid waste and waste.

The requirements for the size of the kitchen are not very high. The small kitchen can only install the integrated sink. It saves time and money by not using the cabinet, and basically reaches the bag. The large kitchen integrated sink is even more icing on the cake, and it has a finishing touch to the traditional kitchen decoration.

The development trend of integrated sink

After the initial development of the integrated tank, it gradually entered the finalization period of the product and the division period of the enterprise.

At present, there are several development trends in product stereotypes:

First, the product maintains the synergy with the appearance of the whole cabinet, and is more organically integrated into the kitchen.

One is to maintain the characteristics of the product, just "matching" with the cabinet rather than "combining."

The other is the generalization of functions. Through the adjustment of the main structure, the kitchens are continuously integrated and integrated.

In short, the integrated sink is a product that develops a huge kitchen space. Through continuous improvement of the products, the market continues to recognize that its penetration rate will inevitably increase.

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