Agricultural drug type selection method

June 18, 2019

There are many types of agricultural dosage forms, that is, water-based dosage forms, and there are several types. Which kind of pesticide is formulated into a suitable dosage form, first of all, according to the nature of the compound, and from the needs of the target object, the superior error of various types of dosage forms, and the appropriate application method, etc., should be weighed in many ways. In order to make the right choice. In the simple definition of the dosage form, in general, it is necessary to make an appropriate choice. In the formulation of the dosage form, in general, the physical and chemical properties of the compound are the key points. The physicochemical properties of the active ingredients, the melting point, the degree of ablation in the inevitable scale, volatility, lipophilicity, hydrolysis and photochemical invariance, etc., are crucial for the research and development of the dosage form.
The most important thing about any dosage form is to ensure its function, to ensure that the drug is released to the target spot, and to enhance its performance. The dosage form has a great impact on the quality of pesticide spray and the retention of the city. The pesticide formulation can be changed by the process aid to change the main parameter of its dynamic profile tension. Therefore, the choice of auxiliaries is different, the amount of intervening is a lot, and the auxiliaries are different from the auxiliaries of the choice of useful ingredients. Some of the intervening quantities and the ratio of auxiliaries to useful ingredients affect the pesticides at a very high level. Spray atomization and deposition process, which directly affects the distribution of pesticides in the plant body, especially the leaf surface distribution and the position of the droplets on the leaf surface and the droplet size; and affects the position of the traps on the leaf surface and the droplet size And affect the retention of useful constituents, the further behavior of the retained precipitate, and the retention from the crop profile to the target, the further behavior of the retained sediment, and the transfer efficiency from the crop profile to the target; and the infiltration of the agent into the leaf surface The biological activity that occurs is also very significant.
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