Improve the spray method can improve the efficacy

June 18, 2019

In recent years, vegetable pests and diseases in sheds have become more and more serious, and vegetable farmers have become more and more serious. However, many vegetable farmers have shown that the use of pesticides is becoming less and less satisfactory. Recently, during the interview, the reporter paid special attention to the way of vegetable farmers spraying, and found that the vegetable farmers were very irregular when spraying, which affected the exertion of the efficacy.
1. A large spray of mist. The reporter observed in many sheds that the spray agent in the sprayer is a large mist. This spray method will make the spray uneven, especially affecting the control effect of the contact agent. The mist spray is also easy to cause the loss of liquid medicine, and the waste is more serious when the plant is low. Therefore, a sprayer with good atomization performance should be used, and a small hole spray film should be used to evenly spray.
2. When spraying, the zigzag swing spray in front of the body. Spraying the medicine directly in front of the body, often spraying the medicine in front, the vegetable farmer has to continue working in the environment where the medicine has been sprayed, which is easy to cause pesticide poisoning. In addition, when spraying the closed herbicide, it is easy to spray unevenly, and the artificial membrane will break the membrane after the stepping, thereby reducing the control effect. The word "Z" in front of the manual sprayer should be changed to the side "Z".
3. Do not distinguish between sprayer types, all direct "target" crops. Different sprayers should be sprayed differently and cannot be in one mode. In general, manual sprayers can be sprayed in a direct "target" manner. In order to give full play to its characteristics of good atomization and high work efficiency, the motorized sprayer should be sprayed 20 cm above the crop.
4. The sprayed liquid drops from the leaves. The reporter observed some leaves that had just been sprayed, and found that many liquids dripped from the leaves, and some dripped directly onto the ground, so that the effective dose of the liquid on the leaves was reduced, which was not only difficult to exert the effect, but also caused a large amount of pesticide waste. . Therefore, it should be sprayed evenly during the operation to minimize the spraying residence time, reduce the dripping of the liquid from the leaves, and improve the efficacy.
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