Identification method of porcelain in Hongzhi period

June 18, 2019

The identification method of porcelain in Hongzhi period:

1. The tire quality is the same as that of Chenghua, and the tire repair is fine.

2, glazed fat and moisturizing, white and bright (white mostly, and some white flashing gray.

3, the decorative lines are slender and stretched, which is more soft and transparent than when it is formed.

4, the disc has a bottom collapse phenomenon. As the bottom of the device is contracted and concave, the support of the circle is slightly convex.

5, the circle foot treatment is smooth and round, the foot wall is slightly shorter than the Chenghua, the inner wall is upright, and the depth is different. The official kiln bowl and the like are basically the same as the Chenghua, and there are also features of the "bilateral line of the device".

6. The glazed tones of the soles of the feet gradually change from the initial white to the gray, and the later is the "bright green glaze".

7. Although the old-fashioned system is used, the fonts tend to be delicate and the strokes are slender and soft. Based on the script, the font is small and regular. There are four or six words in two lines.

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