Natural wood can't avoid harmful substances

June 18, 2019

China's timber nets generally believe that artificial wood may harm the health of workers and users because of the use of some chemicals in the production process. Natural wood is completely harmless, but it is not.

Health checks on wood processing workers have found that even natural wood processors have a significantly higher prevalence of diseases such as dermatitis and upper respiratory tract infections than those in other industries.

Source of harm to natural wood

1, wood dust, especially wood dust in which the content of free silica is higher than 10%.

2. Bioactive substances in wood, especially those from the tropics, contain some potentially toxic or biologically active substances. The composition and content of these substances are very complex, from carbohydrates to polycyclic compounds.

3. Noise and vibration generated during wood processing.

The harm of processing natural wood to the human body

Primary irritant response: When processing wood, harmful substances in wood can directly cause dermatitis, conjunctival irritation, keratitis, upper respiratory tract irritation and other allergic diseases such as rhinitis, asthma, allergic skin diseases, etc. .

Other hazards of wood: Foreign surveys have found that the incidence of tumors is higher among timber industry and furniture manufacturing practitioners, so it is concluded that wood chips may have carcinogenic effects. However, in various wood processing industries, the diversity of workers' exposure, the changing working environment, and the unclear relationship between various types of work and exposure make it difficult to understand the specific factors and higher tumors in the work environment. Causal relationship between incidence rates. Some studies conducted in the United States, Australia, and Sweden have found that the incidence of wood-based nasal adenocarcinoma is high, and they are also susceptible to lung cancer and bladder cancer. In the latest carcinogen report released by the US Department of Health and Human Services, Wood Dust was once again blacklisted, saying it is related to nasal and sinus cancer.  

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