Pesticide attention can not be mixed

June 18, 2019

The rational mixing of pesticides saves time and effort, and can control a variety of pests and diseases in a single dose. At the same time, it has many advantages such as reducing dosage, improving control efficiency, and delaying resistance. However, there are many blind mixed users in production, and the advantages of mixed use are not reflected, but they are counterproductive, resulting in reduced efficacy or even failure, and may also cause phytotoxicity to crops. Therefore, the mixing of pesticides should be scientific, and only a reasonable mix can achieve good results. The China Pesticide Network Xiaobian introduces you to the following pesticides:
1. Two kinds of mixed pesticides cannot change chemically. If you encounter pesticides that are easily decomposed and failed by alkaline substances, they should not be mixed with alkaline pesticides. Dimethoate, dichlorvos, malathion, etc., can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides such as stone sulfur mixture and Bordeaux mixture, otherwise it will cause decomposition, reduction and failure.
2. The physical properties of the pesticide after mixing should remain unchanged. Precipitation can not be mixed after mixing. For example, Bordeaux mixture can not be mixed with stone sulfur mixture, otherwise copper sulfide precipitation will occur, which will cause phytotoxicity to crops.
3. Mixing of different pesticides should not increase the toxicity to humans, livestock, poultry and fish, as well as other beneficial organisms and natural enemies.
Fourth, the mixed use of pesticides should be reasonable. For example, weeding weeds in soybean fields can be prevented by both catching and covering grass, and mixing the two, although there is no adverse effect, but it does not increase the efficiency, nor expand the scope of prevention, so there is no need to mix.
5. Different kinds of pesticides should be mixed, and the effect should be achieved in terms of efficacy, and there should be no antagonistic effect. For example, when bentazone is used in combination with the catch, it will reduce the control effect on grass weeds due to antagonism.
6. After mixing, the pesticide residue in agricultural and sideline products should be lower than the single agent.
7. Mixture of pesticides should be beneficial to reduce costs. Pesticide mixing is to save labor and time, reduce dosage and improve economic efficiency. If the cost increases after mixing, it violates the principle of mixed pesticides.

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