Kitchen appliance maintenance

June 18, 2019

Maintenance tips

1. Check for leaks at the interface of the gas supply pipe with soapy water, and whether the rubber hose is aging and cracked.

2. Regularly clean the fire holes on the fire cover to prevent blockage.

3. After the fire cover of the cooker is damaged, it is necessary to purchase the original product, and it cannot be replaced at will, so as to avoid causing poor combustion.

4, the long-term use of the intake hose will be aging or damage, forming a safety hazard. Therefore, when the intake hose is aging, it should be replaced in time. Do not use the adhesive tape to make up and continue to use.

Gas stove maintenance

1. The circulation of indoor air must be maintained during the use of gas cookers;

2. During the process of using the gas cooker, please do not touch the cooktop table with your hands to prevent burns;

3. When the flame of the gas cooker burner is found to be uneven, it can be removed by brush or steel needle;

Maintenance of the gas stove 4. Keep the bottom of the pot dry to prevent the water from entering the gas stove and causing the stove to rust and block;

5. Do not scrub the gas hole of the gas stove with a grease rag to prevent the air hole from being blocked;

6, the old stove is best to check the hose regularly, it is recommended to change one year;

7. Check if the stove is leaking. The switch button should be oiled every six months.

Range hood maintenance knowledge

1, the installation height of the range hood must be appropriate, so as to ensure that no contact, but also to ensure the effect of cooking fumes; normal installation height is the best distance between the bottom of the hood and the top of the stove is 650 ~ 700mm.

2, the outlet pipe should be shortened as much as possible, the turning radius should be as large as possible, so that the wind can be smooth, the smoking effect is good and the noise is reduced.

3. When installing in a public flue with a check valve, it is necessary to check whether the check valve can be opened normally.

4. When installing the range hood, the level of the machine must be maintained. If the inclination will affect the flow of the oil passage inside the machine, oil leakage may occur.

5. A power outlet with a reliable grounding must be used.

6. The range hood should be cleaned regularly to avoid excessive oil on the surface of the motor, turbine and range hood, resulting in excessive sound, vibration, oil leakage and oil leakage of the range hood.

Smoking hood maintenance knowledge 7. When using the range hood, keep the air circulation in the kitchen, which can prevent the air in the kitchen from forming a negative pressure and ensure the suction capacity of the hood;

8, consumers are best not to open the hood for cleaning, because the motor can not guarantee the effect of smoking once it is not installed, and will increase the voice; it is best to let the professional staff to clean.

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