Japan’s Mitutoyo has received a large amount of goods.

June 24, 2019

Japan's Mitutoyo has a large number of arrivals, and the quantity is large. Japan Mitutoyo roughness meter SJ-210/301/401, projector PJ-A3010F-100/200 PH3515F, height meter LH-600D special sales, manager Zhao 15652798986

'Japan Sanfeng measuring tools are in large quantities,

Propeller Tee Nuts are a kind of fastener which function is connecting . The raw material is carbon steel . The deep skives provide excellent retention for blind and end-grain applications such as glides, levelers, wood turnings, or hard material applications that may split with regular prong type T-Nuts. Also popular in hard plastic applications etc.

Sometimes has stock available with large size range and accept customize with your drawing or samples.

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Propeller Tee Nuts

Propeller Tee Nuts

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