China's wind power industry seems to be on the road to "warming up"

August 09, 2019

On November 4, Jiangxi media reported that Jiangxi Province has successively established five wind power projects such as Taihe Diaoyutai. “It is estimated that about 5 wind power projects will be built during the year. The total installed capacity will reach 480,000 kilowatts and the investment will be about 43. Billion.

Earlier, it was also reported that the "Opinions on Promoting Healthy Development of the Wind Power Industry" formulated by the National Energy Administration had been reported to the State Council. "It is currently pending approval and it may be introduced at the end of the year." This is interpreted by the industry as "or bring warmth to the entire wind power industry."

“From the terminal point of view, the market’s demand for wind power is increasing, and local governments are paying more attention,” Lin Boqiang, director of the China Energy Economic Research Center at Xiamen University, told reporters. “But the problem is that the label for 'warming up' is now It is doubtful to say that because of the recovery of wind power equipment, the problem of overcapacity is still serious, and this may affect the recovery of the entire industry."

National support

The development of high mountain wind power in Jiangxi is not unexpected. On the one hand, the province has always been a traditional wind power province. As early as in previous years, it began to deploy wind power industry in Poyang Lake. Among them, from the Hukou to Yongxiu's Songmenshan and Jishan, about 70 kilometers long lakes are on both sides of Jiangxi Province. Build the main site of wind power. On the other hand, wind power is a large investment project and it will also benefit the GDP of the province.

According to information released by the Jiangxi media at the end of October, two wind power projects in Tianhushan and Diaoyutai, Shuihe Township, Taihe County had a total installed capacity of 96,000 kilowatts and installed 48 sets of 2000-kilowatt wind turbines. The annual on-grid electricity was 2020 million kilowatt-hours. . The total investment of the two projects is 880 million yuan.

In addition to the above two wind power projects, there are approximately 5 wind power projects in Jiangxi during the year. According to the relevant person in charge of the Jiangxi Provincial Energy Bureau, “the related wind power projects have been listed in the first three batches of national wind power approval plans, and most of them are alpine wind farms with an average altitude of over 1,000 meters. The project construction conditions are more complex and the construction period is relatively Long will be completed and put into operation in the second half of 2014."

“The completion of these projects will lay the foundation for the goal of setting up a million wind farms at the end of the 12th Five-Year Plan period in Jiangxi Province,” said the person in charge.

In fact, not only Jiangxi, but Guiguan Power also announced recently that the company plans to invest in the Zunyi Taiping Guizhou Wind Farm (48MW) project with a total investment of approximately RMB 430 million. According to the announcement, the construction capacity of the wind farm project invested by Guiguan Power is 48MW, and 24 wind turbines with a unit capacity of 2MW are installed. The average annual power generation is 102.52 million kWh and the tax-inclusive price is 0.61 yuan/kWh.

In Lin Boqiang's view, wind power has indeed picked up, not only because of its own needs, but also closely related to the macroeconomic development of wind power. "At least compared to previous years, there is indeed a turn for the better." Lin Boqiang said that especially the government has been backing wind power, so that companies and local governments saw the opportunity. At the same time, in line with the general trend of China's energy consumption structure transformation, wind power does meet the needs of China's transformation and development.

Shi Lishan, deputy director of the New Energy and Renewable Energy Department of the National Energy Administration, recently stated publicly that "Wind power is just a green, renewable energy source that is beneficial to environmental protection and should be strongly supported rather than limited."

The good news is the "power" of the national grid, which solves the doubt that "the number of vehicles is low" left over from a few years ago. According to statistics, as of the end of September 2013, the grid-connected wind power installed capacity of the national grid was 64.26 million kilowatts, a year-on-year increase of 21.5%. The national grid recently also stated that “the wind power industry will be supported by measures such as accelerating power grid construction and strengthening the priority dispatch of wind power.”

There are still difficulties

However, the development of wind power in China still faces difficulties. “The most prominent problem that currently affects the development of the wind power industry is the cancellation of wind curtailment,” Shi Lishan said. According to the data released by the vice chairman of the China Renewable Energy Society, Meng Xianjun, in 2012, China's "discarded winds" amounted to 20.8 billion kilowatt-hours, and the rate of "discarding winds" was about 17%. "The waste phenomenon is very serious."

Shi Lishan believes that it is necessary to take effective measures to address power curtailment, strictly limit the construction scale of wind power in areas subject to wind curtailment, and accelerate the construction of markets with good market conditions. At the same time, we must develop some flexible electricity loads, such as wind power heating.

“The most serious problem is the overcapacity of wind power equipment.” Lin Boqiang believes that “this is the biggest problem in China's wind power industry.” Horizontal comparison of solar photovoltaic industry, Wuxi Suntech bankruptcy reorganization, indicating that the industry's elimination and integration has begun This is actually a sign of “bottom-bottom rebound,” but this piece of wind power equipment has yet to report cases of phase-out consolidation.

According to the "China Wind Power Development Report 2012", the capacity of China's major wind power equipment manufacturing industry has reached more than 30 GW in 2011, but the installed capacity of newly added domestic wind turbines was only 18 GW in 2011, resulting in over 40% of domestic equipment production capacity. Idle. "This may indicate that now the entire industry is picking up, it cannot be too optimistic." Lin Boqiang said that at the same time, the relevant departments can not relax the help of the equipment industry.

In this regard, Shi Lishan proposed to strengthen the construction of industrial monitoring and evaluation systems, and the construction of industry standards and regulatory systems. At the same time, it is necessary to strengthen industry self-regulation to prevent vicious competition.

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