New seal layout - extendable bearing life

August 10, 2019

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New seal layout - extendable bearing life

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If the movable bearing is used in harsh environment; the bearing seal and the sealing cover are indispensable; because they can avoid the intrusion of dirt; the bearing life of the extended bearing. The roll in the rolling mill is generally supported by four rows of sealed tapered roller bearings. The use of the demand to accept the intense impact load, water and debris intrusion.
Ultra-simple sealed sanitary roller neck bearing developed by NSK Japan. This kind of bearing is under strict smooth condition; the load is improved by 34%; and the reliability is high, the life is long, and it is easy to protect. This function improvement is to optimize the machine. Depiction, selection of new materials and patented sealing skills. Compared with traditional roll-neck bearings; this sealed roll-neck bearing not only has an additional 34% increase in extra dynamic load; and the lifespan extends by 2.7 times. The second element of the roll-neck bearing function improvement is the selection of SUPER-TF bearing steel developed by NSK. This data deals with the bearing life problem under the condition of pollution or lack of smoothness. Experience marked; under polluted working conditions Bearings are susceptible to debris ingress and contamination. NSK's research indicates that bearing life under contaminant or marginal smooth conditions can be improved by improving the micro-layout of bearing steel. The new seal layout is the primary seal and the hole seal. The negative pressure that occurs can form water intrusion from the main seal; the layout of the hole seal has a large effect on the negative pressure. Thus, the negative pressure in the down bearing is a fundamental requirement to avoid water ingress. The method is to make the hole seal not directly touch with the water; together with the original function of the hole seal DD to avoid water and dirt intrusion from the side of the roll neck. The sealing method uses the external touch instead of the line touch; whether it is the work process; still stop the process The external touch hole seals have the characteristics of good sealing. Therefore, the new ultra-capacity sealed sanitary roller neck bearing has higher reliability than the traditional sealed roller neck bearing.
In addition, SKF Italy Seals has recently developed a new generation of oil and grease seals MUDBLOCK. Its optimized seal layout can be used to avoid the intrusion of dirt. The traditional seal layout is a radial seal lip, outer diameter and race. There is a card tension spring and a fixed sealing ring. The new layout has a push baffle between the bushing and the sealing ring; the outer surface of the sealing ring and the inner diameter of the bushing are rubber; the inner lip is pre-smoothed with waterproof grease. According to working conditions and usage requirements; MUDBLOCK can be made of various elastic materials. These materials include: nitrile, polyacrylate, fluorinated synthetic rubber, etc.

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