Difficulties in the construction of power companies' informatization

August 10, 2019

For a traditional enterprise such as a power company, it has long been a monopoly business model. Therefore, information-based construction is not an easy task, and there are bound to be many problems. With the deepening reform of the power system and the globalization of the economy, there has been a market competition for power companies. How can we obtain greater benefits in competition? There is only one answer. Only the existing problems can be solved as soon as possible, and the goal of digital power can be achieved as soon as possible so as to form an advanced management model so that it can win stability in the fierce competition.

1 Standardization of power information restricts the development of information technology

In the course of long-term information construction, power companies have formed a variety of information systems and retained a large amount of historical data. Due to the lack of a unified coding system, it has brought great difficulties to system integration and data exchange among various types of systems. In addition, the inconsistency in the coding system has also exacerbated the difficulty of forming generic products for the power industry management software. At present, the informatization of the power industry has not yet established a unified system of informatization standards. The internal information systems of power companies are not uniform in terms of information, time, technical standards, and specifications; this results in the ubiquity of information islands within the company, the inability of systems to integrate, and the inability to share resources. The situation has seriously hampered the construction and application of enterprise information. The lack of a standard system affects the sharing and interaction of information between companies within and between companies. According to reports, at present, various application systems have formulated many coding systems according to their own needs, some of which are used within the province and some are used by prefecture-level power companies, but they cannot be promoted throughout the country. We believe that only by pursuing the standardization of construction can we qualify to talk about the vertical development of informationization.

2 The management mechanism of the power enterprise information system is not perfect

Since the progress of informatization development of various power companies is not the same, and the management mechanisms established at the same time are not all the same, the construction of the power company's organization and management framework depends to a large extent on the orientation of the company's development strategy, making the existing management model and informationization. The constructions will run into each other, promote each other, and improve each other. Adhere to the premise of informatization construction to serve the current management model, promote the reform of the enterprise management mechanism with advanced information management concepts, and promote the development of informatization through the reform of management mechanisms, form a virtuous circle, and establish a sound information system management mechanism. The basic task of current information construction.

3 Lack of unified and standardized informationization construction

The management methods of enterprises need to be standardized and process-oriented. In the long-term monopoly system, power companies have gradually developed a unique management model. The biggest drawback is the lack of unified and standardized management processes across the industry. Because electric power companies regard safe production as the top priority, even if they have the intention to transform their processes, their efforts are limited. The lack of standards directly leads to difficulties in the implementation of IT vendors' projects. It requires continuous communication with customers and corresponding changes to the system. Software productization is difficult to achieve, increasing the difficulty of experience accumulation and giving the development of the power industry management software market. Bring a lot of resistance.


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