Temperature alarm related features

August 10, 2019

Temperature and humidity alarm consists of temperature and humidity transmitter, LED display and GRM200 SMS alarm host. It can be used in small rooms, warehouses, laboratories, greenhouses and other small places, suitable for small-scale unattended sites on-site temperature Humidity measurement, control and SMS alarm.
1: GRM200 temperature and humidity SMS alarm device can automatically collect the current temperature sensor, and real-time and user set the upper and lower limit value comparison, once the current value exceeds the upper and lower limit, SMS alarm host will send an alarm message;
2: Large-screen LCD display temperature and humidity values, easy to view, Switzerland temperature and humidity sensors, temperature accuracy of 0.5 degrees, humidity accuracy of 5%.
3: The user can remotely inquire the current temperature value through a short message command, and the alarm device can also automatically send the temperature and humidity parameters to the mobile phone of the person on duty.
4: Support the computer to monitor the temperature and humidity locally or remotely, and support the mobile phone webpage to check the temperature and humidity.
5: The GRM200 temperature alarm device supports up to 50 on-duty personnel mobile phones. The SMS alarm content can be customized.
6: It can be connected with smoke detector, magnetic sensor, leak probe, infrared and other devices, and can be used for voltage and current detection and power off alarm.
7: It can detect 4 digital inputs and 4 relay outputs. Temperature, switch input detection is relatively independent, each road corresponds to the upper and lower temperature limits, SMS alarm content, alarm phone number;
8: When the monitored temperature or humidity exceeds the upper limit alarm value, the upper limit relay is activated, and the exhaust fan can be turned on to lower the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse until it meets the requirement; when the monitored temperature or humidity is lower than the lower limit alarm value, The lower limit relay action can turn on the heater and humidifier to increase the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse until it meets the requirements.
9: A temperature and humidity SMS alarm can realize 16-channel temperature and humidity detection.

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