Talking about Improving the Utilization Rate of CNC Cutting of Plates

August 11, 2019

【Abstract】The characteristics of traditional steel plate cutting and the production status of enterprises in modern enterprises are analyzed. The corresponding improvement measures are proposed from several aspects of production factors, and some requirements are put forward to relevant departments to improve the utilization rate of steel plates. Reduce cutting costs.

1 Overview

In recent years, the utilization rate of steel products reflects the management level of enterprises and is also one of the main factors affecting the economic benefits of steel structure manufacturers. At present, the material utilization rate of steel sheets in the same industry in developed countries has reached more than 75%, and domestic enterprises generally only have 55% to 70%, a large gap. For enterprises with annual consumption of thousands of tons of steel plates, if the material utilization rate is increased by 10%, hundreds of tons of steel can be saved every year, and the economic benefits are very significant. Therefore, tapping potential to reduce consumption and reduce production costs has become an important aspect of business management.

The work of improving the utilization rate of steel is a systematic project involving various departments such as technology, production, and materials. There are both management factors and technical factors, and management is the focus. It can be seen that it is imperative to improve the utilization rate of CNC cutting of plates.

2. Reasonable purchase of plates

(1) Purchase of fixed-length board At present, our factory mainly produces hydraulic support. Due to the different product types, the shape of the parts is irregular, and the area of ​​the parts is large and small, so the work brought by the calculation of CNC cutting and discharging is more difficult. Taking the thickness of 25mm as an example, the large parts of the 25mm steel plate used by our group company now have cover beams, top beams, base bodies and top plates, etc., if the specifications are 2100mm×8000mm under the steel plate, and the blanks are removed. The maximum width of the arrangement can only reach 2000mm, and the length must be more than 10m to produce two sets, so that there will be one material left, which can only be used to cut small parts; there will be a strip of 8m long and 100mm wide that is idle and wasted. And the 100mm wide plate is also not easy to reuse, basically equivalent to waste. If you pass the discharge in advance, you can avoid the above situation by ordering the steel plate with a width of 2000mm and a length of 10m or more to cut the material. It can be seen that if the fixed specification plate can be purchased according to the actual cutting arrangement, many unnecessary scrap waste will be reduced.

(2) Pay attention to the quality of the steel plate when buying. Try not to buy steel plates that have been rusted or have been deformed and bent. Bending and deforming steel plates will increase the difficulty of cutting, and it is easy to cause poor cutting quality. After cutting, a sledge hammer is required to knock the shape, which affects the appearance of the product and increases the production time, which delays the production progress. If it is severely deformed, it can only be treated as waste; if the steel plate is rusted, it is easy to break the wire during the cutting process, the cutting surface is inequitable, and the melting point of the rust iron is higher than that of the steel plate, and it will continuously blow out during cutting. Small iron filings can directly burn and injure the cutting nozzle in severe cases, causing unnecessary consumables loss.

For more details, please refer to the attachment or the contents of the 20th issue of Metalworking (Hot Processing).

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