Expert: Identify the standard of high-grade custom wood furniture

August 13, 2019

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What is high-grade custom wood furniture, it is difficult to have an absolute standard, experts put forward the following as a standard for judging high-end custom furniture:

1. Processed from natural solid wood materials

Natural materials, especially log wood, have been the main custom furniture materials since ancient times, and have always been loved and valued by people. For example, in the history of British furniture, the walnut age, the walnut era, and the mahogany era all reflect the characteristics of furniture in a period of time. Today, when natural resources are increasingly scarce and environmental awareness is growing, when people's aesthetic consciousness is full of nostalgia, natural materials are more popular.

As far as the grade of furniture is concerned, furniture made of solid wood, if it is good in shape and craftsmanship, is a high-end product. Such as pine furniture, although wood is not precious, but the furniture processed with pine is popular in the international market. Another example is rubber wood furniture. In the past, rubber wood was used as a firewood material. Nobody cares about it. Today, wood sofas made of rubber wood are sometimes more expensive than leather sofas. Solid wood furniture is better than wood-based furniture, wooden furniture (including wood-based panels) is better than metal plastic furniture, and leather sofas are more expensive than synthetic leather sofas.

2. Decorate with precious and rare materials

As far as wood furniture is concerned, solid wood furniture made of precious wood is valuable, such as the densely-toned hardwood processing furniture, which is collectively referred to as "redwood".

Such as the use of rosewood, walnut, mahogany, red shadow wood, white shadow wood, eucalyptus, oak and other precious thin wood veneer furniture, no matter what the substrate is made of wood-based panels, if the craft is exquisite, elegant decoration, it will double the value . Because these thin woods are imported materials, their market prices are hundreds of yuan a square meter, and the supply is not sufficient, so the use of precious thin wood veneer is also one of the ways of furniture grade.

3. Finely crafted and fine workmanship

All high-end furniture must be made by precision, and the rough production is bound to be not high-end. Antiquely crafted antique furniture, especially furniture hand-carved with precious wood, has the highest value; furniture decorated with mechanical carvings, fine workmanship, is also high-end furniture.

Even solid wood furniture without engraving and decoration requires fine workmanship, such as the front and the foot, and the edge treatment must be impeccable. The full expression of material beauty and structural beauty must be realized through fine craftsmanship, so fine workmanship is also one of the prerequisites for high-end furniture.

4. Have a typical style personality

Another condition for high-end custom wood furniture is the distinctive personality and artistic features. Antique furniture must reflect the artistic characteristics of the imitation of historical periods, such as Chinese Ming-style custom furniture, French Louis XV (Rococo) log furniture. Modern solid wood furniture must also have an easily recognizable style, such as Italian wood furniture, Nordic solid wood furniture. In addition, traditional style, national characteristics, regional characteristics, and contemporary characteristics can be called.  

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