Several ways to manage decoration pollution

August 22, 2019

Several ways to manage decoration pollution Renovation is a top priority for ordinary families. It concerns the environment of our lives for decades to come, and it can affect our mood and health every day. Everyone knows that the house just renovated cannot live. Because some decoration materials are toxic, it takes a certain amount of time to remove these decoration pollutions before they can stay.

At present, the most common ways to manage interior decoration pollution in China are:

1, to enhance ventilation for lighter odor, ventilation conditions, ventilation can be long after the renovation of the room. It is difficult to achieve the effect of removing odors in a room with heavy pollution and poor ventilation.

2, plant elimination method uses spider plant. Flowers such as aloe and tiger-tailed orchid absorb indoor air pollution, have a certain absorption effect, and have the effect of beautifying the living room, but the onset time is longer.

3, the use of activated carbon adsorption purification principle long time and energy loss. The disadvantage is that the source of pollution is slowly released and only has a certain effect when it comes in contact with it.

4, chemical reagents such as formaldehyde scavenger, air fresheners and other chemical agents. It uses an odor to suppress another odor and does not achieve the purpose of removing the pollution source.

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