The female man loves to find her.

August 28, 2019

"A recording pen, an operation ticket, a work ticket, and a requisition have been brought?"

"Be sure to inspect the gloves for damage before using insulated gloves. Don't bother!"

Every time before the next site, the operation and maintenance personnel of the power supply company of Jinjiang City, Fujian Province, the State Grid, can hear such "squeak," the elder sister who loves "squeaky" is the company's outstanding production workers - Qingyang operation and maintenance Station security officer Wu Hao. On December 2nd, at the transformation point of the 1.6-kilovolt Kameyama Mountain in Jinjiang, Xiao Shi and Kobayashi, who had to go to the scene to perform the switch operation, were again “washed out”.

The reason why she was called "Wo Men" was because she "does not like red makeup and loves work clothes." She wears overalls all the year round. Whether it is on-site inspections or inspections of industrial equipment, she is hard at work. It was a break. As long as she received a dispatch call, she rushed to the scene the first time to check the failure or layout operation.

The woman loves to “find it”. Every time he checks, Wu Xi conducts a “carpet search.” Each place is carefully examined, even if the corners are not left.

Once, Xiao Zhuang and Xiao Zhang, the operating personnel, patrolled from the shore of 110 kV, said that there was an odor in the main control room, but they did not find any problems. After listening to Wu Xiong, immediately put down the work at hand to the scene to check and thoroughly check the equipment box, switch room, and protection room cable ditch of the substation, and inspect each of the outlet cable holes one by one. She patrolled the substation several times inside and out. After repeated inspections, she found out that at the next hidden place on the stairs, there was a mouse stuck on a sticky mouse board and died. She immediately cleaned it up and asked the staff to check and reinforce the blockage at the entire station to ensure that the blocking line at the substation was strengthened and that the substation safety production management line was further consolidated.

On another occasion, at the construction site of the 110 kV bank, the 10kV handcart switch required for operation has been pulled to the test position and the operation indicator light has been turned on. While the operator was preparing for the next operation, Wu Hao suddenly noticed that the identification plate affixed to the handcart switch was gone. She judged that the identification plate might fall into the gap between the switch and the door of the handcart, which would result in a “fake place” in the switch of the handcart. That is, the switch of the handcart was not completely in place and the indicator light was on, which would easily cause the protection device. False positives and back-office and field positions are not aligned. She immediately asked to stop the operation, opened the door and found that the identification card was actually stuck in the middle of the handcart switch and the door.取出 After removing the identification card and paste it again, the operation is continued.

On weekdays, Wu Hao's temper is very good, but once stepping on her "land mine", her temper is up. And there is only one "land mine" she has, which is related to security.

Once, the operating personnel Xiao Wu and Kobayashi conducted a 10kV feeder-line inspection and maintenance operation. After the operation was completed in the afternoon, the hungry Xiao Wu left the tool with his hand and was ready to eat. After Wu Yan saw the hurry, he immediately asked, "Why isn't the tools closed?"

"Now I rush to eat, and when I'm going to send electricity, I need to use it. What do I need to do?" Xu was hungry and tired. Xiao Wu's tone was somewhat red.

"Safety measures have been done well. These tools are here and there is no impact. Why is it so true?" Guardian Kobayashi called a round field.

Wu Hao also understood that everyone was very tired at this time. So she pressed herself to stay in the air and took the initiative to pick up the tools. She also patiently explained that if the tools did not return to the place in time, it was easy to miss the inventory. It will cause security risks.

After listening to the embarrassment, Xiao Ng Xiaolin, who was on the side, felt embarrassed and helped to gather together. Since then, everyone has formed a sense of safety, “Where are the tools and where to go from here to back and forth?”, paying attention to every detail, and realizing safety. !

People often ask why the public thing is not their own business. It is always an egg to pick the bones and find faults. This is not only difficult but also easy to offend people. He said that if you come back in front of a bloody accident, the price will be too high. Instead of punishing those who have violated the regulations after the fact that they have failed to learn aloud afterwards, it is better to do preventive work before the accident. To do safe work is to develop the habit of "love to find fault!"

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