Passing the Apple phone with sapphire screen has been trial-produced successfully

August 30, 2019

Abstract: In an interview with ABC TV, Cook admitted that the new Mesa factory was used to produce sapphire glass, which was in response to previous rumors. There are new rumors now. Taiwan’s Apple Daily reported today that the sapphire iPhone’s front glass is already in trial production, and Apple’s foundry partner Foxconn has assembled an iPhone with at least 100 sapphire screens for Apple.

Although 100 does not sound like a lot, it is an important turning point. After all, the front glass of the iPhone is replaced by gorilla glass to sapphire glass, and the manufacturing process is more complicated. Using sapphire glass will make the front glass of the iPhone more wear-resistant.

Not only Foxconn, it is rumored that Apple's two sapphire glass suppliers Synopsys and Bern Optics have begun to invest in instruments and tools, another proof that Apple will increase the production of sapphire glass. The sapphire glass currently supplied by Apple to the two vendors is only used in the rear camera of the iPhone and the Touch ID sensor of the iPhone 5s.

Cook's generous confirmation of sapphire glass production, coupled with the current rumors of Foxconn's trial production success, we can basically determine the possibility of the future iPhone with a sapphire glass front cover.

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