Application of coating in shaft machining

August 31, 2019

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Application of coating in shaft machining

Source: China Bearing Network Time: 2014-02-03

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The changing processing mission is constantly placing new demands on single- or small-volume parts manufacturers. If you want to gain an advantage in a fierce competition, it is necessary to use high-power milling. The first mission is to be satisfied with the technical and economic aspects. Demand.
The competition between most tool and mold makers is manifested in the service they can provide: for example, the size, data, processing and precision of the workpieces that can be machined. The individualized strategy can be improved in terms of time and cost; Can provide advice on process optimization to service.
One of the difficulties in this is the production power; this is also a major battle for most processing companies. In order to optimize the cost accounting and progressive competition; tool maker Paul Horn has developed a different application and data. The product of the series; including DS series full carbide milling cutter, DA series end mill and spiral end milling cutter and DM series combination milling cutter.
Generally speaking, the user will select the tool according to the product manual or according to the special standard. Therefore, the rich and varied tool and mold making operation requires high flexibility and short delivery period. In addition, Horn has been for many years. Has always been engaged in tool development and analyzed a lot of application cases; this makes them have a strong professional ability; it is also conducive to dealing with messy milling problems.
A medical device manufacturer expects to simplify the casting process of the cylindrical support by setting a funnel-shaped gate. WF Fottner from Tuesbinen near Moessingen took on this mission; using four templates to make the required two-piece spray casting mold.
The policy is to process 2 million times. The mold has a marginal length of 500 mm; and it is specially summarized according to the user's needs; the intention is to reach 2 million machining. The company has drawn a special mold for this and found the tool for the tool. Special process. This collaboration with Tuebingen's tool makers not only shortens the geographical separation; more importantly, it satisfies the needs of tool types, power, precision and economy.
The first mission is to rough the closed margin template; the data is hot work die steel 1. 2343ESU; detailed processing parameters are as follows: using DM series angle cutter; diameter is 12 mm; cutting head radius is 2 mm And use the 0.2 mm gauge block for inspection and control. This process is characterized by the use of patented components for the connection of the shank and the blade; the diameter can be 8~12 mm.
Because the shank is used as a bracket for various diameter blades; the cooperation between the shank is very accurate; therefore, it is necessary to select the tool as much as possible according to the cutting parameters for economical processing.
The carbide shank has a large length and a shortened layout. The shank with a length of 140 mm can enter the interior of the cavity and achieve high radial accuracy.
Because of the reason of the delivery period and the ability to better use the middle of the processing; two brass electrodes can be clamped around the intermediate template for processing; for the processing of additional spray casting molds. Although the milling parameters of the two are different (with The template is different; the brass electrode requires a humid environment; but the DM series milling cutter can be used alone; the CNC programming process can also be made relatively simple. The brass milling cutter on the product catalog can have 2, 3, 4 The cutting edge has a diameter scale of 0.3 to 12 mm. The recommended machining parameters for rough machining using electrodes are: ring and full radius layout with 2 to 4 blades; semi-finishing and finening of wire molds For machining, double-edged micro-milling cutters with a diameter of 0.3 to 2 mm can be used.
DS series of multi-metal full carbide milling cutters DS series milling cutters can be used for finishing dies with hardness beyond HRC55. The series has different layouts of milling cutters; up to 16 cutting edges; can be used for machining brass , graphite, aluminum, plastic, soft and hardened steel and titanium alloy raw parts. Different hard metal and coating disposal can make the processing scale of “soft-hard milling” process reach HRC60; and the scale of hard milling process It can reach HRC56~70. The quality level of the tool holder reaches H5 level; it can get another radial precision of 0. 005 level; it is very suitable for finishing finishing.
This precision is mainly derived from the four guide rails and the cavity for supporting the template. In addition, after the finishing, the corrosion process can be used to obtain a special external layout. The DSMR type six-blade end mill has a diameter of 6 mm; the corner radius 1 mm; can be finished; and no cutting marks are left.
The spiral head milling cutter can improve the power and use the four raw materials of 1. 2343ESU template and the DSK double-knife full radius milling cutter with a ball diameter of 8 mm to prove the versatility and economy of the DS system.
The third component of the milling system is the DA series end mills and spiral end mills; it can be used to finish the side spray formwork of the 1. 2312 material. The DA series of the 16, 20, 25, 32 mm scale is characterized by It has a reversible 3-blade layout. This layout guarantees high cutting stability and can provide a few polished profiles in the axial direction for parts with high surface quality requirements.
According to the radial and axial machining process, different cutting angles are set; the template is matched according to different machining processes; the two-blade can be used to obtain a 90-degree shoulder; the precision is extremely high.
For deep milling, you can choose a touch width of 3 mm or 4.5 mm depending on the scale of the flat plate. In addition, you can reach a submerged depth of 1 mm. All the brackets and holders in the DA series are coated with hard materials. .
The milling cutter series offers a wide range of benefits. The DS, DA and DM series milling cutter systems have proven their own in a relatively simple double-knife machining situation. The DSMR series of milling cutters are also widely used for their long service life. In the .DM system, a patented connecting piece is used between the shank and the milling cutter; different blade and shank combinations can be used. With the 0. 01 mm tool change accuracy, the machining accuracy can be improved. The DA system has High quality housing and three-blade convertible layout can improve the processing economy of ejecting casting molds.
Finally, the tool supply process is simplified. Consistent naming, scale, parameters, and machining referrals simplify the monitoring and programming of the entire process.
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