Tacheng Airport Releases Unified Standard Reflective Vest

September 11, 2019

A few days ago, Tacheng Airport launched a "safe travel, start from me" reflective vest distribution ceremony on the basis of traffic safety publicity campaigns, and distributed reflective vests for all airport employees.

In order to ensure safe apron operation, Tacheng Airport standardized the staff’s apron operations, changed the previous style of reflective vests and disqualified the dress. For this purpose, Tacheng Airport actively purchased a number of reflective vests to distribute to airport employees, hoping to pass This will provide more safety protection for apron operations and ensure the travel of flight personnel. In addition, the airport public security police carried out training on traffic safety knowledge and training for drivers in the airport to enhance awareness of self-consciousness of law-abiding employees and self-protection awareness during the process of traffic participation. This has made the apron run more smoothly and has laid a solid foundation for rapid transit. basis.

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