Vertical optical meter workbench

October 19, 2018

Our factory is a professional manufacturer of micro-classification gauges. In the process of producing the outer diameter micrometer, the main accessory of the micrometer - the measuring rod for proofreading, the production batch is large. The micrometer verification procedure stipulates that the size of the measuring rod and the parallelism of the measuring surface are determined by a comparison method using a four-equivalent block on the optical meter or the length measuring machine. Taking into account the detection speed, we use a vertical optical meter for verification. Although the speed is improved, the surface of the working surface of the measuring rod is rubbed to wear due to the proofing of the working surface of the measuring rod, and the plane of the working table is unqualified, forming a concave center. Moreover, the proofing face of the measuring rod causes scratches and affects the quality of the product.