Ensure that healthy, environmentally-friendly plastics are put on the agenda

September 26, 2019

According to the data, the price of plastic products generally declined this week. The price of polyester chips closed at 8,925 yuan/ton, and the price dropped significantly by $125/ton from last week. Polyethylene prices closed at US$1,680.00/ton, down by US$40/ton from last week's price; polypropylene closed at US$1,505.00/ton this week, down US$15/ton from last week's price; Weekly closed at $1,800.00/ton, down $15/ton from last week.
As soon as plastics appeared, they swept the world. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, the development of plastics fell into a trough. In the field of food packaging, people talked about "plastic" discoloration, providing protection for people's diet health, environmentally friendly plastics. R&D is on the agenda.

Nowadays, many countries have begun to restrict plastic packaging. China's relevant laws clearly stipulate that recycled plastics should not be used for processing plastic utensils, containers and food packaging materials; food plastic products must be printed with "food" in obvious places. Typeface and must have a QS logo and number.
In plastic packaging, the largest proportion of film packaging products, plastic packaging production accounts for nearly half of total output; fast development of products and the products are woven hollow container, followed by plastic film. This is mainly because of stimulating domestic demand and expand the scale of capital construction investment, especially agricultural products, increase the demand for agricultural chemical products as well as the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the pace of life, and increased demand for food and beverage packaging dairy products, led the plastic Development of woven, hollow containers and packaging films.
As a personal food "clothes", plastic packaging materials play an important role in food safety, the safety of raw materials, auxiliary materials, workmanship will directly affect the quality of the food, which in turn have an impact on human health, the health of people Emphasis is placed on the direct impact on the market demand for plastic packaging, and plastic packaging companies also need to strengthen safety regulations.
Currently used for food plastic packaging materials, the main component is a hydrocarbon-based material, as long as the standard strictly control the use of additives, follow the principle of the right to use, hygienic properties of plastic packaging materials can be guaranteed, and on human health It will not cause harm, but to develop more environmentally friendly plastic packaging material does not hurt.

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