After the decoration of the tile, you must learn to check the installation quality.

September 26, 2019

Many families know nothing about how to check the installation quality of ceramic tiles. Generally, they only see that the tiles have been stuck on the wall regardless of other problems, because consumers don't know what to look for. Therefore, after installing the ceramic tile, the family must understand the inspection work in this area to find out the problems existing in the decoration process at an early stage, to avoid the phenomenon of falling off the tiles in the future, and to add trouble to themselves, because it is necessary to find the merchants who have already renovated the company to verify the problem. Without wasting time, it will affect the normal life of the family and the normal work of consumers. To this end, it is necessary to learn to identify the quality of tile installation. Let's take a look at how to do a comprehensive inspection.

Check the overall flatness of the tile

After the decoration worker finishes the tile laying work, the overall flatness of the tile can be checked first, that is, all the tiles are required to be on one plane. If there is a jagged condition, the tile installation quality is very poor. After discovering such a problem, consumers should take the initiative to ask questions and ask the installation company to re-adjust. If the installation company does not agree to re-adjust the tiles, consumers should appeal to the relevant departments, otherwise it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also let them see. It is uncomfortable, and the probability of a tile falling out in the future is quite large.

Check if the gap between the tiles is on a line

You should then check that the gaps between the tiles are all in a straight line. Only alignment is a good installation. If there is no alignment, there is a big problem with the tiles. Generally speaking, the installer who passes the customs is unlikely to have the above two problems. If the consumer finds any problem, then it must be noted that the tile can stay on the wall for a long time, because even the most basic standards are Unable to reach, this only shows that the installer's technology is too low, so be sure to be cautious about this, don't forget the following check items.

Whether the tile is empty or not is the key

If you know how to check the tile hollow, it's easy to know if it sticks tightly to the wall. Judging this problem is also very simple is to gently tap the middle part of the tile by hand. Generally, if the installer cuts the work and does not dare to do the hand and foot at the edge position, otherwise the tile is easy to fall off, and the consumer can also use the eye to go. To recognize this, the installer will reduce the amount of cement sand in the middle of the tile, but we also have a way to check it is to tap, and found that the sound of the drum is sure to indicate the behavior of cutting corners during the installation process.

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