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September 28, 2019

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Fan bearing product

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Motor fan bearing products are one of the most common bearings on the market:
1. Oil bearing SleeveBearing
Oil bearing SleeveBearing: This kind of bearing can be said to be the old bearing skill in the market today; but because of the low cost; simple completion of skills; many products contain well-known brands are still using the edge; its strength is the initial use Quiet; low noise; cheap; but usually late because of the evaporation of internal fuel and the entry of dust; severe wear on the bearing; then slow down the speed; increased noise; average life expectancy of only 8000 ~ 15000 hours.
2, nano bearing NACOOLBearing
Nano-bearing NACOOLBearing: introduced by FOXCONN; the new bearing materials made of nano-composite materials have good skills in high temperature and wear resistance; this kind of bearing can be used to improve the anti-wear ability of electric fan bearings; The use of the environment will be greatly affected. The service life is more than 120,000 to 150,000 hours.
3, Laifu Bearing RifleBearing
RifleBearing: Rifle Bearing, developed by CoolerMaster, uses a shaft core with a reverse spiral groove and a sump; when the fan is working, the oil will constitute a reverse migration; then the oil loss is prevented; as an oil bearing Changed type; Laifu Bearing has been promoted to the service life of the bearing. From the cost and oil-bearing bearings, there is not much promotion; it can be said that the low-end product center is a better economical treatment method.

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