New Energy-Saving Form Materials Become Climate

September 28, 2019

New Energy-Saving Form Materials Become Climate

Energy-saving doors and windows are door and window products that meet certain standards in major physical properties such as airtightness, watertightness, sound insulation, thermal insulation, and thermal insulation. The pressure on energy saving and emission reduction in China is large, and reducing the energy consumption of building doors and windows is one of the effective energy-saving approaches. At the same time, energy-saving doors and windows can save social resources and save more consumers.

Various kinds of new energy-saving form new materials are applied in view of door and window materials. Currently, there are some high-tech energy-saving products such as aluminum alloy heat-insulating profiles, aluminum-wood composite profiles, steel-plastic integral extruded profiles, and UPVC plastic profiles, among which are UPVC plastic profiles are widely used, mainly using polymer materials, rigid polyvinyl chloride.

Vacuum glass is a new type of product. It is partitioned by appropriately distributed particle supports. The gap layer is only 0.1 to 0.2 mm. Vacuum is used in the cavity to produce no gas, and the degree of vacuum is 0.1 Pa or more. As a new generation of energy-saving glass, it has better insulation, thermal insulation performance, its insulation performance is about 4 times that of ordinary glass; due to the high thermal resistance of vacuum glass, it has better anti-condensation, frosting performance, so It is extremely beneficial for the winter lighting in the cold area.

Smart glass, in order to solve the different requirements of glass insulation performance in different climate regions and different seasons, the United States began to study smart glass. This smart glass working with electrochromic principle has been put into production after long-term experimental research. Glass also enters intelligence.

3025 Phenolic Cotton Cloth Sheet are made up of cotton saturated with phenolic resin, and are laminated under pressure and heat. This kind o thermoset composite material has been proved to be perfect for parts requiring outstanding mechanical strength and electrical properties for machinery, electric motor and electrical appliance.There are different kind of products:textolite laminate sheet,textolite sheet.

Applications :


• Electric equipments

• Aeronautical industries

• Insulating structural components

• Motor and electric appliances


Key Features :


• Excellent physical, mechanical and dielectric properties

• Withstand all kinds of machining

• Excellent machinability

• Mechanical properties and electric properties


phenolic cotton laminated sheet32

3025 Phenolic Cotton Laminated Sheet

Laminated Sheet, Brown Cotton Laminated Sheet, Phenolic Cotton Cloth Sheet, Orange 3025 Laminated Paper Sheet