Buy a wooden door, beware of fraud, sign a contract, let you complain

October 02, 2019

The model text of "Qingdao Wooden Door Sale Contract" is published, installed and sold.
Nowadays, the decoration season is coming, and the wooden door is an indispensable item in the decoration. At present, there are hundreds of large and small finished door manufacturers in the Qingdao market. In addition to local manufacturers, many products come from Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hubei, Guangdong and other places. However, with the popularity of wooden doors, the industry norms are not perfect, consumers have little knowledge of them, and many problems in the finished wooden door market have been exposed, which has become the focus of home complaints. In order to regulate the wooden door market and reduce consumer losses, yesterday, the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau released the "Qingdao Wooden Door Sale Contract" model text. After the new text is matured, it is expected to be promoted throughout the city, which is a boon for consumers.
Case contract disputes become the focus of wooden door complaints
Recently, in order to renovate a new house, Ms. Wang ordered a set of wooden doors in a furniture market. With the merchants bargaining, Ms. Wang bought it at a price of 1,800 yuan. Before the purchase, the merchant verbally promised to deliver the goods to the home for inspection, and the hardware and nails that the wooden door was promised belonged to the items included in the installation. However, during the installation process, the merchant asked Ms. Wang to pay these expenses, which was called extra money. It is not included in the gift, otherwise it will not be installed.
In order to install the wooden door, Ms. Wang had to pay the extra fee.
Ms. Wang said that because she had no legal awareness, she did not sign a contract with the merchant at that time. She only had a receipt and did not specify the agreement between the two parties. Because there is no conclusive evidence, Ms. Wang’s rights have fallen into a difficult problem and she can only suffer from dumb losses.
Ms. Wang’s experience is not a case. Many merchants do not sign contracts with customers when selling wooden doors. Even if a contract is signed, it is also a contract made by the merchant itself. There are many clauses that are unfavorable to consumers.
Chang Yi, director of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Laoshan District, said that some merchants did not specify in the contract whether the installation accessories were purchased by consumers or provided by merchants, which easily caused contract disputes. There are also businesses that deliberately do not specify materials and processing techniques, use expensive wood names to mislead consumers, take the opportunity to raise prices, and merchants ambiguously agree on terms of delivery location, warranty period, return conditions and merchant default liability, no In detail, these have become contractual traps for the wooden door market.
Affect new texts for consumers to “support”
Yesterday, the release ceremony of the demonstration text of "Qingdao Wooden Door Sale Contract" was held in the decoration city of Qingdao Hi-Tech Industrial Park. Relevant personnel of Qingdao Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Laoshan District Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Qingdao Hi-Tech Industrial Park Decoration City Co., Ltd., and some wooden door sales households Representatives and consumer representatives attended the launching ceremony.
Zhang Hongliang, head of the contract department of the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Laoshan District, said that in recent years, with the hot real estate market, the home improvement industry is also very hot, and complaints in this field are also high. “Some wooden door sales merchants use their own contracts. These contracts often contain many traps. Consumers accidentally fall in. Some merchants even make contracts. Consumers don’t sign contracts when they buy wooden doors. Receipts, when there are disputes, consumer rights protection is often difficult." Zhang Hongliang said that the new contract text from product order details, wooden door types, product implementation standards, ordering standards, supporting costs, product measurement, acceptance, installation, after-sales service links As well as the rights and obligations of both parties, detailed provisions have been made, in particular, the operator’s product quality assurance responsibility has been stipulated, and industry standards have been introduced, in which the seller sells products that do not meet environmental protection standards from the perspective of protecting consumers. The liability for breach of contract and other responsibilities should be clarified.
It is understood that the implementation of this text will help to resolve the disputes between the two parties in the wooden door sales industry, the product sales, after-sales service links are not detailed, the unfair format clauses infringe the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, and prevent consumer disputes from the source. Maintaining the legitimate rights and interests of both buyers and sellers plays a positive role.
After the trial is mature, it will be promoted throughout the city.
The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce introduced that the standardized contract text plays an important role in restraining buyers and sellers and safeguarding consumer rights. At present, the model texts of hotspots such as automobiles are gradually popularizing, and the contract violations and consumer complaints cases are generally declining year by year. The contract management level and the integrity management consciousness of the operators have been significantly improved, effectively preventing contract violations from the source. The occurrence has maintained a fair and just market environment and protected the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.
It is understood that the model text of the "Qingdao Wooden Door Sale Contract" issued this time is a trial version, which was entrusted by the Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau to be formulated by the Industrial and Commercial Bureau of Laoshan District. In the process of formulating the contract text, the organizers of Gaokeyuan Decoration City and Qingdao construction materials were extensively consulted. The association, some wooden door sales operators and consumers, and relevant government departments. The model text will be implemented in the Gaokeyuan Decoration City in advance, and will be promoted throughout the city after the conditions are ripe.

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