Furniture industry network marketing still staking their claims

October 06, 2019

Furniture industry network marketing still staking their claims

With the development of society and economy, the market continues to expand. At present, the field of network marketing in the furniture industry is still in the initial stage of “staking a race”. Compared with other industries, China's home furnishing industry lags behind in network marketing, and it is not very rich in marketing methods. In the future, there will be more companies involved and the future is limitless.

Internet Marketing Makes Purchase More Free Although the furniture industry has entered the online shopping market soon, there are many homeowners who are trying to fight for this new piece of online marketing. It is understood that online e-commerce websites are now divided into three categories: The first category is based on the physical stores established in the store's home site; the second is a number of powerful cabinets, have their own manufacturers and have a certain well-known Brand furniture, the establishment of home shop, on the one hand to promote the brand, on the other hand is to increase a sales channel; the third category is neither a physical store nor its own brand, independent website platform, and establish mutual assistance and cooperation with some furniture brands Relationships, selling online. For the online marketing e-commerce model, many home-based companies have their own unique understanding and experience. In the eyes of most people, network marketing contains a certain market space, which can effectively complement traditional marketing channels. The network and physical stores are important complementary relationships. Developing e-commerce cannot simply look at how much furniture is sold on the Internet. The main purpose is to hope that the network can help physical shops to advertise and help physical shops to sell goods.

Furniture industry network marketing is still "staking their claims"

With the influence of modern (modern renderings) networks on people's lives becoming more and more in depth, e-commerce has almost extended its tentacles into people's private life. If there is an e-commerce platform on the Internet, it is equal to opening the stores to customers. Bedroom (bedroom decoration renderings). This absolute possession of the terminal market will undoubtedly greatly stimulate consumers' desire to purchase and conclude a purchase contract. In this process, companies and consumers are not geographically limited. The e-commerce transaction completely broke through the geographical limitations and spread the channels to the whole country.

Network marketing is the only way for the furniture industry Survey data show that most households currently have a rising proportion of furniture consumption, which means that with the improvement of people’s living standards, the awareness of creating a stylish home is also rising, in the home It is not just the function of furniture. People with medium and high incomes and those who advocate high quality of life will increasingly pay attention to the application of furniture in the home. This consumption trend determines the two directions of development of the furniture industry in the future: First, the furniture industry must establish a brand, know how to use the new media for brand communication; Second, furniture products must be more and more creative, and the scale of personalized customization is The only way to go. To grasp these two trends, Internet marketing is the only way for every furniture company.

Internet marketing word of mouth is very important Search engine is the most important aspect of direct contact with consumers in the Internet era, so all kinds of product categories such as furniture top ten brands, furniture brand keyword prices all the way higher, but the problem is that when consumers know companies and products Later, how to promote their purchases, "word of mouth" in this regard has become a decisive factor. Word of mouth comes from other consumers. A potential consumer may have a good impression of the brand because he saw his friends' space blog. Or maybe he watched a hit webcam and produced a lovely home for the heroine. With interest, you will think of buying one for your girlfriend.

Word of mouth exists in every corner of the Internet: search engines, portal websites, dating communities, personal spaces, video websites, microblogs, etc. Furniture companies must understand the characteristics and applications of various Internet social media in order to better The brand is present in front of consumers. At the same time, companies also need sophisticated online marketing to turn corporate image, product use, and brand culture into creative stories, pictures or videos. Once your content becomes a “virus,” consumers will spontaneously Companies spread positive word-of-mouth and realize the effect of exhorting two or two.

Internet marketing interaction is the key If the promotion on the Internet is also no different from the traditional channels, then the effect will not be too great, because consumers have been numb to buy gifts, discounts, bundles and other promotional methods, these promotional tools are now used in fast-moving consumer goods such as Drinks, snacks, daily chemical products, etc. For furniture, more interesting promotional methods are needed.

"Secondary killing" is based on the promotion mode of computer network technology. The core is "limited time" and "ultra-low price". The purpose is to gather popularity and increase the attention of the brand in the network. Furniture companies have great potential in this regard, such as designing a cool furniture accessory and planning a “spike” campaign at the online shop. Within a certain period of time, the top 100 players who complete lighting games on the Internet can obtain One dollar opportunity, and then let these users in the forum or blog to take a photo or use their own experience, through the netizen vote and then select a few people as corporate brand spokesperson, let them participate in the commercial advertising film shooting, this down a complete "interactive marketing When it is completed, what the company gets is a great deal of attention and brand reputation. Through the Internet, a new product can be put on the market and hot immediately.

Conclusion: E-commerce has become one of the most popular emerging sales channels. Furniture companies are moving their products through the e-commerce platform at an extremely fast pace to the entire country and even to the global market. Their development results will certainly have a strong impact on the development of the industry.

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