The inevitable trend of magnetic enhancement of martensite with body-centered cubic structure cold heading screw

October 11, 2019

In the inspection method, some standard parts manufacturers use the strip magnets close to each other to feel slight or unattractive when they are inspected for the magnetic inspection of the incoming steel wires. Other standard parts manufacturers carry out the finished screws. At the factory inspection, a strip magnet was placed close to the cap to observe that slight or no suction was acceptable. The hot forging blank is sampled by the method, and then the steel of the furnace is used to produce a steel wire, and the standard manufacturer cold head screws are observed, and the information is observed from the production line of the picture tube, and the feedback information indicates that the requirements are met. Therefore, the method used to assess the magnetic properties of weak magnetic materials is correct and reliable.

The weak magnetic discussion of steel When ML0Cr18Ni9Cu3 stainless steel is fully solution treated, it has no magnetic characteristics after complete austenitization. The soft steel wire is cold-plasticized and deformed into a screw. Due to the uneven local deformation, the force is complicated. At this time, the material is weakly magnetic. Ac martensite has a body-centered cubic structure and is ferromagnetic, which explains the inevitable trend of magnetic enhancement of cold head screws. The magnetic enhancement of the material is related to its martensite volume fraction, and the increase of martensite volume fraction is related to the increase of cold work deformation. Due to the limitation of the shape design of the fastener, in order to reduce the magnetic properties of the material, it is necessary to reduce the cold drawing deformation. Therefore, the commodity wire is delivered in a soft state without using a light pull state.

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Salt spray test

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