Analysis of the current sales situation of Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong

October 13, 2019

Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong sales status analysis After half a year of incubation period, Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong market has experienced long-lost growth momentum. Several relatively large engineering decoration projects have driven the great development of the Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong market. In particular, the New Party School's aluminum Fangtong project has become a phased specimen project, which has had a huge impact on the Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong market.

Government agencies, corporate office buildings, energy companies, government infrastructure, etc., have become the main consumers of Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong. Up to now, the sales volume of Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong has reached 2 million meters. It is the sum of sales for three or four months, achieving a new leap in sales.

Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong Market has become the main market in the north, and Aluminum Fangtong has become the darling of the industry. In particular, engineering decoration companies regard aluminum square design as one of the main materials, and many engineering decoration companies have become agents of aluminum square products. From this point, it can be seen that although the Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong market has experienced a phased decline, mainly due to seasonal influence, it has not affected the overall market demand situation. At this stage, it will be the golden period of sales of Hohhot Aluminum Fangtong Market.
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HDPE Texture Geomembrane including single-surface or double-surface textured Hdpe Geomembrane with uniform and coarse appearance made from virgin resin with special formula.

HDPE Textured Geomembrane is a black,high quality,high density Polyethylene Geomembrane produced from specially formulated,virgin polyethylene resin.The polyethylene resin is designed specifically for flexible and durable geomembrane applications,it contains approx 98% Ethylene polymer,2% carbon black and trace amounts of antioxidants and heat stabilizers,dimensional stability and thermal agin characteristics, plastic Geomembrane has excellent resistance to UV radiation and is suitable for exposed applications.These product specifications meet and equal to GM13 standard. The thickness we can supply is from 1.0mm to 3.0mm, 4m-8m in roll width, regular length is 50m-100m or as client's request.

double side texture geomembrane

Technical data  

Index  Test Value
1.0mm 1.25mm 1.5mm 2.0mm 2.5mm 3.0mm
Texture thickness,mm 0.25
MinDensity  g/cm^3 0.94
Strength at yield ,N/mm 15 18 22 29 37 44
Strength at break ,N/mm 10 13 16 21 26 32
Elongation at yield,% 12
Elongation at break,% 100
Tear Resistance (N) 125 156 187 249 311 374
Puncture Resistance (N) 267 333 400 534 667 800
Stress Crack Resistance (hrs) 300
Carbon Black Content,% 2.0-3.0
Carbon Black Dispersion  1 or 2
Standard OIT Min  100
High Pressure OIT Min  400
white texture geomembrane

Application Description

1. environmental protection, environmental hygiene(such as garbage landfill site, treatment of sewage,  containment of poisonous or harmful wastes, hazardous warehouse, industry wastes, construction & explosive rubbish, etc)

texture geomembrane for landfill

2. water conservancy(such as waterproofing, stopping up leak, reinforcement for lake, river, channels, tunnels, dam sand reserviors; vertical wall with core, slope protection, etc) 

3.municipal engineering(expressway, subway, underground engineering of building;  and liner of roof pool, roof garden's waterproofing, sewage channel, etc)

4. garden(backing & slope protection of artificial lake, pool,  golf course's pond)

5. petrochemicals(liner secondary lining of chemical reaction tank and deposit tank from chemical plant & refinery;seepage control of oil tank from gas station)

6. mining (backing seepage of washing pond, heap leaching pond, ashery, dissolved pond, deposit pond from the stack and tailing)

7. traffic facilities(highway foundation reinforcement, culvert stopping up leak) 

8. agriculture(stopping up leak for reserviors, drinking pools, storage ponds and irrigation system)

9. aquiculture industry(seepage control for sea cucumber circle's slope protection, liner of fish pool & shrimp pond)

10. seepage, corrosion, leaks control & reinforcement for other facility, leachate collection.

11. temporary container structure, prefabrication of special parts

texture geomembrane weiding

textured geomembrane application


CE ISO HDPE geomembrane

Texture Geomembrane

Texture Geomembrane,Textured Geomembrane Hdpe,Waterproof Material Geomembrane,Hdpe Point Textured Geomembrane

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