Introduction to the verticality of the spring and its use

October 15, 2019

Depending on the requirements of use, the size limit deviation, shape tolerance and load limit deviation of the spring can be divided into three levels: the first-order precision spring is used for the key function, and the second-order precision spring is used for the important function. Level precision springs are used for general applications.

The dimensional accuracy of the spring mainly depends on the outer diameter, free height and verticality of the spring. The dimensional accuracy plays an important role in the bearing capacity and performance. The axial load of the spring directly affects the force applied to the part where it is used. It is closely related to the load-deformation characteristic line of the spring, and therefore directly affects the function of the spring.

The size of the outer diameter of the spring will affect its actual assembly condition at the point of use. The size of the free height affects the amount of pre-compressed axial deformation and the stroke and position under a certain load. The free height of the spring also affects the pressure at the point of use and therefore directly affects whether it satisfies the load-deformation characteristic line.

The verticality of the spring is related to the size of the outer diameter and the free height. The degree of verticality affects the neutrality of the used part and the uniformity of the force applied to the part. Therefore, it affects the part where it is used. Seal, open and other functions.

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