The battery should not be mixed with old and new, and it is easy to cause damage.

October 18, 2019

The battery is an indispensable part of the car and can be divided into traditional lead-acid batteries and maintenance-free batteries. The maintenance-free battery uses lead-calcium alloy as the grid, so the amount of water decomposition generated during charging is small, the evaporation of water is also low, and the sealed structure of the outer casing is used, and the sulfuric acid gas released is also small. Compared with the traditional battery, it has the advantages of no need to add any liquid, the wiring pile head, and long storage time. Many people know the role and use of batteries, but it should be noted that there are many ways to make mistakes.
Myth one: mix old and new batteries in the battery <br> use, sometimes old and new batteries used in tandem phenomenon. As everyone knows, this approach will shorten the battery life. There are many chemical reaction substances in the new battery, the terminal voltage is high, and the internal resistance is small. The old battery terminal has a lower voltage and a larger internal resistance. If the new and old batteries are mixed in series, in the charging state, the charging voltage at both ends of the old battery will be higher than the charging voltage at both ends of the new battery, which will cause the new battery to be charged insufficiently and the old battery to be charged too high. In the discharge state, the charge capacity of the new battery is larger than that of the old battery, which causes the old battery to be over-discharged and even causes the old battery to reverse. Therefore, the battery must not be mixed with new and old.
Myth: the battery charge capacity and the engine does not match <br> according to engine type and conditions of use rational use of the charge capacity of the battery, the battery is to improve the economy, one of the important ways to extend its useful life. When the engine is started, the battery output current is very large, generally 150A-200A, and the output current is as high as 250A-300A when starting at low temperature (-10°C). If the charge capacity of the battery does not match the engine and the charge capacity of the battery is too small, when the starting resistance is large, the battery with a small charge capacity will accelerate the reaction of the active substance with sulfuric acid per unit time under the condition of severe discharge, so that the temperature of the battery rises. High, the plate will be bent due to overload, resulting in a large amount of active material falling off, early damage to the plate, and the battery life is greatly shortened. If the charge capacity of the battery is too large, the above problem does not occur, but the active material cannot be fully utilized, and the battery economy is lowered. Therefore, the charge capacity of the battery must match the engine. Usually, the choice of battery charge capacity should be based on the starter power, voltage and the load of the electrical equipment.
Myth: mix batteries in parallel <br> some drivers when you start the engine, because the original battery save electricity shortage, it is in parallel on a fully charged battery common use. In fact, a fully charged battery in parallel will charge a battery with insufficient storage current with a large charging current, which will easily cause the active material of the plate to fall off and affect its service life. At the same time, after the batteries are connected in parallel, it cannot provide a large starting current to the starter, which is more detrimental to the starting of the engine. The correct method should be to remove the battery with insufficient storage, replace it with a fully charged battery, and then start the engine.

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