Install shower room Raiders

October 28, 2019

Install shower room Raiders

The history of the shower room is much shorter than that of the bathtub, but the shower room is more convenient and more sanitary. Therefore, in the housing renovation, the shower room has become the choice of many citizens. How to install the shower, Xiao Bian to tricks.

1. Carefully read the instructions and check whether the product parts are complete 2. The shower curtain rod is generally installed at a height of about 2.06 meters from the ground (the specific conditions can be based on personal habits and the height of the bathroom). Put the shower curtain rod on the position where it needs to be installed, determine the drilling position and make a mark.

3. Drill holes in the wall with a drill with a diameter of 12mm (drilling depth is about 6cm). When drilling, let the drill bit down a little bit, after the drill drill buttocks slightly upward, this can effectively prevent the shower curtain rod sagging.

4. Put the pungent wire with the installation into the wall and tighten the pungent wire.

5. Apply some glass glue on the cylinder of the mounting piece. (The purpose of the glass coating glue is to increase the lubrication and facilitate the installation; the second is that the shower curtain rod will be more durable after the glass glue is solidified).

6, clean up the wall, wipe off the excess glass glue, after 24 hours can be used normally.

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