Create a male style room

October 30, 2019

I don't know when people start to get involved in the fashion circle. We will find that the clerk of the luxury store has changed from a woman who is always in color to a man who is using men more and more on the fashion stage. Men are more than women... When more and more male aesthetics work in the home, the room will be more delicate, because most of the space that belongs to men is often cold and neutral. Color, and more use of line and simple accessories.

Light and luxurious living room: The living room is the place where the family members stay the most, and it is also the place where friends come to have fun together. If you want to show your taste and identity, you should use a little caution. White space + earthy long hair carpet + green velvet sofa + metal color design coffee table, the sense of luxury just right. White is the basic color of the space. In order to avoid the single call of the earth-colored long blanket to stabilize the overall tone, the velvet has always been a luxury representative, with a golden tea table to add a finishing touch, the room is extravagant and full of exquisite.

Yinglang style: If you want the bathroom to sound like a foreigner, you can call it a bathroom, but if you want to design it, it will take more trouble. Throughout the past few years, the various styles of bathroom decoration popular in the market, mosaics, tiles, grotesque faucets, Lin Lin always moved home to fight on the vulgar. Use gray marble to stabilize the tone, plus white to embellish, all hardware chooses bronze or ochre, the utility of large mirrors effectively expands the visual space, so the bathroom that comes out has a temperament, called Yinglang.

Male studio: Today's studios, especially male studios, are not big but generous, simple and refreshing. In the early years, many men's studios were not quite the same as those on TV. Compared with the petty bourgeoisie of the capitalist society, more young people put the studio in the abandoned warehouse, factory building, basement... The aesthetics are not enough to pick up, and the buddy’s folks have practiced such romantic terms out of the workshop. That is, the sense of sight.

Men's cloakroom: When did men start to pay attention to the term cloakroom. With the improvement and reform of male aesthetics, more and more men have their own cloakrooms. The suits of the pen show their identity. The glass drawers with watches and glasses indicate their financial resources. The accessories such as neckties and cufflinks need not be said. Remember to put the light in the cloakroom up, and the color is pressed down. In order to show elegant taste and good quality of life.

Simple kitchen: The man with sentiment often regards cooking as an interest. In addition to the functionality in the kitchen, the kitchen is more of a hidden decoration. This year's very popular open kitchen has driven a new wave of kitchen decoration, with the focus of the spotlights. As a male kitchen, the layer industrial spotlights are undoubtedly the best weapon for the implicit separation of open kitchens. With the configuration and design of the fruit bowl, it is easy to show the romantic side of men.

Conforms to the requirements of EN12209-3
Quick reversible latch for easy on-site handing.
Reversible latch bolts  can be optioned to be operating  by key or  handle.
Large range of cylinders  conforming to EN1303 with various  features.  
The KA and MK/GMK are available

Material: Stainless steel 201   304   316

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