Lift the tail wheel according to the position of the bolt hole on the side plate

November 05, 2019

On-site installation and commissioning of the hoisting machine After the arrival of the equipment, the equipment is scheduled to be repaired on the day of the month. During the overhaul, special attention must be paid to the installation quality of the head and tail wheel. Some details of the installation are as follows: After the new head wheel is hung to the hoist head, To verify whether it is in the center of the head shell, if it is not centered, it may be that the shell is deformed or the head wheel is not assembled in the center position, so make proper adjustment. Adjust the level of the head wheel with a level gauge, and require the axial level of the head wheel to mount the transmission part (motor, fluid coupling, reducer and base assembled) on the head wheel. After loading, check the level of the head wheel. If there is a change, make the appropriate adjustments.

Since the original hoist conveys material for the steel wire tape, after the transformation, it is the central chain transmission, and the width of the chain itself is larger than the thickness of the tape. Therefore, it is necessary to lift the tail wheel upward to ensure that the bucket does not scrape the bottom. Use the channel steel to practice the blue, and lift the tail wheel according to the bolt hole position on the side plate. The tail wheel is installed in the tail casing, and the top of the built-in counterweight is temporarily raised to the proper position by the reverse chain. The side rails are installed and fixed by bolts. Pay attention to adjust the distance between the slide rails on both sides and the counterweight. There should be a gap. Suspend the line from the head wheel to the tail wheel, and hang the root line around the axial center of the head wheel to the tail wheel. Hang the pendant with a thin wire. To avoid swinging, immerse the pendant in a bucket filled with waste oil. By aligning the suspension wire, ensure that the axial misalignment and skew between the head wheel and the tail wheel do not exceed the axial misalignment, and measure the "" size as shown in the figure. For skew, measure the "" size as shown in the figure, or measure the "" size as shown in the figure). Actual measurement data head and tail wheel axial misalignment measurement schematic head, tail wheel torsion measurement indication (from the head wheel to the tail wheel): cement grinding steel wire tape hoist is transformed into a plate chain hoist table lifting head, tail wheel Installation accuracy record) After the head and tail wheel are aligned, the small square steel is welded at the bottom of the slide rail. Commissioning and running single-machine test mainly checked whether the hoist had scraping, and focused on the head and tail wheels running smoothly, and there was no chain deviation.

Kemtron Shaker Screen

Kemtron Shaker Screen models:  Kemtron KTL48 shaker screen,  Kemtron KPT28  Shaker screen, 

Kemtron Shaker Screen types   is a kind of steel frame shaker screen

Steel frame shaker screen main feature as follows:

  1. These products screen panels are constructed with two or three 304 or 316 stainless steel wire cloth layers with s steel backing plate and steel frame combined together. Because of different mesh size and hole size, get an better filtering effect.
  2. The bottom high strength steel frame, supporting bar with the moderate tension screen cloth, combined together, infinitely enhance the screen intensity and endurance, get an better filtering effective. Mesh sizes ranging from 20to 325. The whole cloth is divided into independent small surfaces, prevent the part excessive expansion damaged, with a special rubber plug together to repair damage, can save the time to replace the screen, Increase the efficiency and reduce the cost.


Kemtron Shaker ScreenKemtron Shaker Screen

Kemtron Shaker Screen

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