Analysis of Structure Characteristics of Calcium Aluminate Material

November 06, 2019

【ALUMINIUM NETWORK】With the increase of calcination temperature, the main crystal phase of calcium hexaaluminate lattice has been distorted to a certain degree in the calcium hexaaluminate material, and the lattice energy of calcium hexaaluminate lattice distortion has increased. The diffusion rate of positive and negative ions in calcium hexaaluminate material structure. The crystal structure characteristic of calcium hexaaluminate material is more obvious, and the compactness of the structure is greatly enhanced. The number of glass phases at room temperature is significantly increased. The increase in the calcination temperature and the increase in the amount of liquid phase lead to a decrease in the relative crystallinity of the calcium hexaaluminate material. The grain refinement of the microstructure indicates that the amount of the liquid phase increases, the crystalline phase dissolves in the liquid phase under high temperature conditions, and the crystal phase of the calcium hexaaluminate material after firing is converted into a glass phase as the sample is cooled to room temperature. reduce. The trend of the bulk density and apparent porosity of calcined calcium hexaaluminate materials at 1400°C, 1450°C and 1500°C.

The change trend of the bulk density of the calcium hexaaluminate material can be seen that with the increase of the calcination temperature, the bulk density of the calcium hexaaluminate material shows an overall upward trend, and the apparent porosity rate tends to decrease. The increase of the calcining temperature promotes the sintering of the calcium hexaaluminate material and increases the density of the calcium hexaaluminate material. The thermal defect caused by the temperature increase also promotes the solid phase reaction and sintering behavior of the calcium hexaaluminate material. Combining with the microstructure analysis of calcined calcium hexaaluminate material, the increase of the liquid phase in the material under high temperature conditions is beneficial to improve the compactness of the sintered material. The aluminum-titanium slag and quicklime of the ferroalloy factory can be synthesized by high-temperature solid-phase reaction sintering to prepare calcium hexaaluminate material with calcium hexaaluminate as the main crystal phase.

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