50,000 people visited the Expo to sell 10,000 lamps

November 06, 2019

The three-day 2014 China (Jiangmen) Green Light Source Expo ended on the day before the Wuyi Overseas Chinese Plaza. The organizing committee yesterday notified the exhibition and negotiation of the Expo. According to the incomplete statistics of the organizing committee, this year's Guangbo Fair attracted more than 50,000 visitors from all walks of life; the participating companies negotiated a turnover of nearly 10 million yuan, and some enterprises reported that they had a business negotiation with more than 10 foreign trade customers during the exhibition. .

Optical Expo site

In this exhibition, the organizing committee organized some green light source enterprises to carry out on-site product promotion activities, and sold products to the on-site visitors. According to the organizing committee's notice, the sales of the Expo was overwhelming, and the sales of LE D lamps totaled nearly 10,000 pieces, which became a highlight.

The exhibition held the China Lighting Industry Upgrade Summit Forum and the LE D Industry Special Investment Promotion Promotion Conference in Jiangmen High-tech Zone. The organizing committee reported that the series of investment promotion and industrial supporting docking activities were overwhelming, and the number of participants exceeded expectations. There were more than 2,000 guests.

In addition, this year's Expo will also be the first exhibition of the LE D Lighting Innovation Design Competition. This year's LED lighting innovation design competition was divided into concept group and excellent group. A total of 357 works were received, 225 more than the previous session. This exhibition specially opened a 200 square meter exhibition area to showcase the outstanding works of LED lighting innovation design competition. And organize local dealers to visit the site to build a production and marketing docking platform for the entries.

The article was reported by Changzhou Building Materials Editor.

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